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I have always been very big on just being nice to people. I believe that just by being nice and pleasant we give so much more back to the world and help so many more people. It is even more important now in the new economy. People are becoming more and more concerned about price and value than ever before. I don’t believe that people are spending a great deal less money but people are tending to be more concerned about value.

So how do you add value as a personal trainer? Getting great results is always a good start point but how value do you add to each client and session you do? The best way I find to develop good solid clients relationships is to go the extra mile and think about ways in which you can be creative and add value above and beyond great results and great service.

If you can’t produce great results then there is an argument to say that you should not in the game really. I believe it is the extra mile that really cements good long lasting relationships. So how can this be done? Here are a few ideas:

  • Healthy eating advice is a great way to add value, some trainers do this as given but how far do you go? I believe this is can an education process at times and not just a matter of “eat less”. I have found that discussing with clients sugar content and areas like this, we can empower them to make correct choices instead of thinking they need to starve themselves
  • Free books and resources are a great way to add value, if you have written a book or report then this is a great way to go the extra mile for a client
  • Small gestures of appreciation are huge! well done cards or little presents when a milestone is reached are superb ways to show that you care and want the best for your clients

So in conclusion, one great tip for marketing yourself as a personal trainer is to be nice and go the extra mile! This helps retain clients as well as create a positive reputation for you and your services.

Hi I’m John Hill, personal trainer for Inspiring Fitness. I am also a key member of the support team and I specialize in marketing, client relationship building and recruitment.

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