7 Must Have Principles Your Personal Trainer Should Use to Help You Reach Your Goals


There are personal trainers here in Connecticut in every gym that I visit. More and more are popping up everywhere around the U.S. Some are good, some, are not so good! However, have you seen that dramatic increase in these so called, personal trainers? Maybe you’ve seen the amount of people who are using them; it’s growing more and more each day. Some clients are successful, some are not, for some it may be the personal trainer’s guidance throwing off the potential success of their client, and for others, it’s the client not doing what they are suggested by their personal trainer.

Perhaps you have also seen the amazing amount of people who have created an awesome physical transformation in a short period of time. It seems to be a trend where so many normal people are shown as going from overweight to incredibly fit and trim in ads, books, blogs, commercials…etc. The transformation of the human body is very possible and quite frankly a lot of people have done it! It’s such an amazing thing; it’s hard for others to believe it’s even possible. However, a lot of people have not been able to do it, but really want to! Let me ask you this, don’t you think the successful people left some strategic footprints behind that perhaps other people could follow? Believe me, after interviewing hundreds of winners, their strategies became obvious.

As a personal trainer who teaches these principles and someone who has transformed my own physical body, I’m about to explain some simple and basic strategies to follow that the other successful people have used to reach their goals. I’m sure you have heard this before; if you want something that someone else has, do what they do for the same result. Follow these principles and you will be on the right path to getting to your goals.

Please remember this, if you are a personal trainer or someone who is trying to get fit these principles are surely not a cure all, there is much more involved, such as eating the proper way and using the best exercise routines for your body. If you are just getting started I highly suggest that you take your time to look into a personal trainer that can give you transformation pictures and testimonials of their own clients to find a personal trainer that will suit you best. It might also be a good idea to take a friend with you and interview more than one personal trainer.

Principle #1: Get Upset!
Yes, you got it right! It’s from your emotions that your decisions come from. This is the time to become honest. Now is the time to stop rationalizing that you are OK with your body. Take pictures of yourself in a bathing suit, look at it and remind yourself what it is that you hate about what you see, keep it with you for at least the next couple days. Try to find throughout your day as many things that you can find that really makes you angry about the way you look, and write it down! What feelings, health, desires, and experiences do you want and why do you want them? These are the questions you should be answering. What this does is puts your focus back into reality to show you how much you have been lying to yourself!

Principle #2: Make the Decision!
Now it’s time to really make a real decision to commit to. Set a starting date and an educated end date. What this will do is make the process a lot clearer; also, it will harness the power of pressure because you have set a deadline. It’s natural to want to reach that deadline. Again, a personal trainer can help you with this and also hold you accountable to it. Know that there will be an end but that you MUST commit yourself until you are done with the chosen date.

Principle #3: Design the Plan of Action!
You need the right process in order for it to work! You need to make sure you eat the proper way and exercise the proper way. There is always too much or too little of both food and exercise. Contact a qualified personal trainer that knows the specifics, if you don’t see measurable results (I like to say at least losing.5% of fat each week if your goal is to lose weight) then find another process, or personal trainer. There are also books that you can buy but be careful, not all of them have a good process! Do some research, but whatever you do, DO NOT rely on trial and error. I said it before, do what other successful people have done!

Principle #4: Believe it!
OK, I hear this one all the time, “I’m going to try this plan, or I’m not sure it will work for me.” Honestly, do you really think if you do anything with that kind of attitude then it will work out the way you want? Part of creating an amazing change is knowing without a shadow of doubt you will get there. So start thinking like a champion. When I won the Body-for-Life Challenge years ago, I knew before I even started that I was going to win, so if you haven’t already, start believing in yourself the same way. The reason why I felt this way was that I was so determined; nothing was going to be in my way, nothing! Remember, think like the winners do, and you will create what your goals are in your minds eye, before you actually get there, and you will get there. There may be times that you will get knocked down too, especially if you are human (isn’t that what makes us stronger?) just get back up, dust yourself off and keep going, remember you are unstoppable.

Principle #5: Enjoy the process!
Have some fun throughout the process and set yourself up to win and celebrate. Your life does not have to be extremely stringent and twisted around just to get to your goal. Make this a lifestyle change for yourself. Yes, you do need to stick to plan, but measure your progress in every way possible and pat yourself on the back as deserved. Just don’t go too overboard and lose sight of your goal by getting too comfortable with the new changes as you see them. This could cause the yo-yo diet syndrome I’ve seen so many times. A personal trainer can measure your body composition once a week along with doing many other measurements along the way too, take some time to celebrate these accomplishments.

Principle #6: Use the Power of Environment!
If you were around people who eat a lot, you are probably going to want to eat a lot. If you hang around negative people, you are probably going to be negative. If you spend a lot of time with boring, uninspired people you will be similar. I think you know by now where I’m going with this. Spend your time with people who have what you want. This scenario might be rare depending on where you live, but as a personal trainer in CT I own a facility with other inspiring, motivated personal trainers and clients who want to see results. We have literally formed a community of people with the right attitudes to get to their goal. That would be one great way to find an environment near you similar to our facility.

Principle #7: Keep Your Eye on the goal!
Always keep your sight on where you want to be. Cut out pictures of successful people, transformations and models so you can have them in front of you at all times. Life will definitely get in the way. Do not let distractions veer you off your path. Another good idea is to make a dream board and place images on your pc desktop. Keep your goal in front of you all the time until you can post your own picture to replace it.

Stick to these principles and you will be off to an incredible start towards your fitness goals. If you take even one of them out of your arsenal of tools, then you greatly lower the chance of success. Don’t pick and choose which are easier to follow or more convenient for you, use them all. I highly suggest a support system like a friend or a personal trainer to hold you accountable and to keep you on track to that amazing transformation or fitness goal that you have.

Bill Yeager is a leading success coach and teacher for personal trainers in CT. He has helped over 500,000 people become inspired to transform their lives most widely known for becoming one of the Body-for-Life Champions in 2001. Bill has been coached by Tony Robbins and was honored with the 2004 Lifestyle Achievement Award. To download Bill’s free e-books and CD’s or just to get to know him or his practice better please go to¬†personal trainer CT

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