6 Things to Consider When Starting a Fitness Boot Camp


Running fitness boot camps are becoming the new trend in the fitness industry. It’s more profitable for you, and more cost effective for your clients. For you it means fewer hours worked and more income earned. For your campers, it means they still receive an exceptional level of personal service without paying the higher costs of personal training.

Fitness boot camps are here to stay! Do your homework FIRST to save your valuable time and money. Here are some things you should consider when starting up your fitness boot camp:

1. Who Is Your Target Market? It is NOT everyone! Sure anyone can attend, but to market your boot camp efficiently, you first need to be specific and identify the kind of camp you want to run. If you don’t, you will end up wasting a lot of time and money.

Ask yourself these questions in regards to specializing: Do I want to focus on men or women, stay-at- home moms, business professionals, young athletes, single parents? What time of day could your selection of people attend? Where would be the most convenient location? Will it will be inside or outside? Once you answer questions like these, you can then research how to effectively reach your target market!

2. What are You Going to Specialize in? Your specialization is where you will separate your boot camp from ALL of the others. Are you offering weight loss training, sport specific training, muscle gaining programs, or even offering kettlebell training or TRX? Find the “WHY” your campers would choose your camp over others, and develop your workouts accordingly. (Remember to make sure this matches the to your target market.)

3. Choosing Your Location. Check with your local Parks, Recreational Centers, Gymnastic Centers, MMA Centers, and Churches for possible locations. You might be able to negotiate a small fee to rent or use their facilities. Always approach them with a giving hand. You may even want to offer the decision makers or owners of the facilities free or discounted prices on your services.

4. Market to Your Target Market. Find out where your target market shops, eats, works, plays, and where they go to relax. Start going to these places and forming relationships with other business owners and talk to as many people as you can about your business. Consider giving out FREE or no risk offers such as one or two weeks free or a 30-day money back guarantee.

5. Deliver Results! Be sure that you can deliver the results your clients are looking to achieve. This will make-or-break your boot camp. Not just anyone can run a successful business. You need to have the systems in place to allow you to grow and handle more people. Your workouts must be organized, creative, and challenging enough to do just that.

6. Make it Fun and Bring the Energy! People attend fitness boot camps to get the results they aren’t able to get by working out on their own. Make it fun…don’t just walk around with your clipboards telling them when to stop and finish (anyone can do that!) Make them laugh, make them think you’re crazy, and do it all with enthusiasm and lots of energy!

7. Remember Your Referral Policy! Start from the beginning with a “Referral Rewards Program” to get current campers and prospects to bring their friends and family to your boot camp. A good incentive is a week or two of free camp for every referral they bring to camp and that signs up. Who wouldn’t like free boot camp?

Do your homework first, and not only will you avoid some very costly start-up mistakes, but you will be much closer to running and building your own successful fitness boot camp!

Good Luck!

Alicia Streger, RKC, CSCS

Carrie Kukuda, RKC, NB-CPT

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