Why You Absolutely MUST Keep A Food Diary Or FAIL!

Why You Absolutely MUST Keep A Food Diary Or FAIL!

When starting a fat loss and/or fitness program,Why You Absolutely MUST Keep A Food Diary Or FAIL! Articles most people neglect one very important step……

……keeping track of what you eat.

Keeping a Food Diary, a meal by meal record of everything you eat, can often times mean the difference between success and failure on a fitness program.

You absolutely MUST, MUST, MUST keep a food diary if you are to succeed in losing weight. I cannot stress that enough!

Most people have NO CLUE what they are eating or even how much.

Most people guess as to what they’re eating and the vast majority of the time, they’re WAY OFF!

Unless you write down EVERYTHING YOU EAT in a food diary, you will NEVER, EVER be able to accurately and consistently plan your weight loss. Don’t fool yourself.

And you WILL FAIL….

It’s a fact.

I did not get a handle on losing weight UNTIL I finally
started to log everything I ate in a food diary on a meal-to-meal and day-to-day basis.

This does not have to be difficult. You can do it manually or use software for it. You can use a simple binder to keep track or even use your Palm Pilot.

I also recommend you buy the book “The Complete Book of
Calorie Counts” by Corrine Netzer. It’s one of the best
I’ve found that tells you exactly what’s in the food you eat, even ethnic foods.

Pick it up, it’s extremely comprehensive.

If you choose to go the software route for your food diary, here are some good choices:


I hope you understand how important writing down what you eat is. It’s the same with goals. If you don’t write down your goals, they’re simply dreams.

It’s when you write them down, that you become more clear as to what you want and how you’re going to get there.

When you write down what you eat in a food diary, you’ll soon find that almost like magic, the weight starts to come off.

Try it….I know you won’t be disappointed!

You have nothing to lose…..except the excess fat!

Use a food diary!

Good Luck with all your Fat loss & Fitness Goals!

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