What’s For Dinner? Would you believe low fat red meat

What's For Dinner? Would you believe low fat red meat

Eating smart everyday is a challenge.

Today,What's For Dinner? Would you believe low fat red meat. Articles more and more people are choosing the newest red meat, Ostrich. A tender and flavorful meat, Ostrich is similar in taste, texture and appearance to beef –but due to its low fat content, has only half the calories!

The lower cholesterol level of this red-meat-lovers’ alternative, makes it an obvious choice for your heart and cardiovascular system. This premier red meat is easy to prepare, and makes a healthy (and tasty) substitute on almost any menu.

Before you decide to run out to your local butcher and load up on Ostrich, let’s take a look at the old reliable, what’s-for-dinner meat –Beef.

Does beef have all we need for a healthier diet? According to The American Dietetic Association, it’s not a good idea to completely eliminate fat from our diets. Fat, is actually an essential nutrient, needed for energy, and the transportation of fat-soluble vitamins.

When it comes to consuming red meat, the important thing to remember is MODERATION, keeping portions small (limit serving sizes to 3 to 6 ounces), and avoiding that one pound steak.

Did you know that one serving of lean beef contains only 6.4 grams of fat, and there a several cuts of beef that are even lower in fat than a skinless chicken thigh? And let’s not forget the incredible taste of a juicy hamburger, tender skirt steak, or an inviting bowl of hot chili.

Beef is considered nature’s multi-vitamin. Zinc, one of beef’s most important nutrients, helps boost the immune system and heals wounds faster. Phosphorous, necessary for strong bones and teeth, as well as protein, which helps build a strong and muscular body, are among the nutrients that are abundant in beef.

In addition to a number of B-complex vitamins that help to produce energy in the cells of the body, beef also contanins the vital mineral, iron. Iron aids in delivering oxygen to the muscles and cells, thus providing you with the energy needed to get through your busy day.

So just when you think you’ve made up your mind on ostrich or beef, lets serve up another alternative, Buffalo, also called Bison Meat.

This heart healthy meat, also low in cholesterol and fat is a good source of protein (35% more protein than beef), and another health-conscious, rich tasting choice of red meat. Tender and flavorful, buffalo has fewer calories and less cholesterol than ostrich.

Buffalo is nutrient dense because of its proportion of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals compared with its caloric value. Being high in iron, moderate in zinc, and low in sodium, makes this sweet flavored meat an excellent choice for those of us who are looking to maintain a low fat, low cholesterol diet, essential to good health.

Choices, choices, choices.

In today’s world, taking care of our hearts, eating a healthy yet tasty diet, and of course, looking the very best we can, are of serious concern. Eating smart and following a solid STRENGTH, CARDIO, and FLEXIBILITY routine, will help you achieve our goals. Good luck in your selections.

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