What Do You Need to Eat?


We eat junk because it feels good. Instant gratification is what drives the current evolution of the human species. But junk food doesn’t feel so good once the fun is over.

In the short term, it takes forever to digest, making you slow and lethargic which leads to a lack of activity and a slower metabolism. In the long run, giving in to those tasty little treats increases your risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and stroke

High calorie comfort foods will actually stop chronic stress dead in it’s tracks and allow you a short reprieve. However, if you are continuously stressed and seeking the proverbial tub of Hagen Daaz, stop. You need to find a way the relieve your stress without damaging your health.

The majority of us do not eat enough protein and eat too many carbohydrates and fat. The food guides of Canada and the US outline diets that are very similar to those fed to fatten up cattle. It’s sad really, that our governments would sell us out because some farmers wanted to be assured that there product was deemed “healthy consumption”.

I used to eat junk food most of the time – I considered microwave pasta to be healthy. When I began eating natural, whole foods with very small amounts of starches (bread, pasta, rice, potato) I got severe headaches for three days. I found out that I had consumed so much sugar, it had become like a drug in my system – the headaches were withdrawal symptoms.

Now, I eat small portions 4-5 times each day. This keeps my metabolism up so that I have more energy all day. I don’t even crave junk food very often. When I go overboard and eat to much starch, it feels like a ball of lead sitting in my belly and it’s a long time before I crave it again. I can eat a bite of a chocolate bar and put it away for the next day.

We need to reprogram ourselves. Listen to your body, it honestly knows what to do. Try to ignore your tastebuds for a while. They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. I went cold turkey into 21 days of clean eating.

The extreme change was quite a shock to my system and if you’re as bad off as I was, you should probably ease into it. I forced myself to eat 5 times a day – I felt like I was constantly eating and never really getting full. I really missed being full after a good meal, but now it feels gross to be full.

I don’t even have to look at the clock for meal times anymore – I get instantly hungry at the right times and reach for my food. It seems like you spend a lot of time eating at first, but once you find your groove, you’ll find you have a lot more time and energy.

Next time you get a craving, stop and take a look at who’s asking for that chocolate bar. If it’s your taste buds, grab a ripe peach – works every time. You just have to love your self!

Ivy Mills has been researching chemical sensitivity and natural alternatives for over five years and has brought her knowledge to the marketplace in her company, Valhalla Essences [http://www.valhallaessences.com/index.html]. Her personal experiences have fed a passion to help others with the same problem. Ivy welcomes others to share their stories and experiences on her blog, Peaceful Power.

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