The Great Acidophilus, an Ally of Our Digestive System


The name can be quite intimidating, it could mean just anything, but Acidophilus although containing bacteria, is a nutritional food supplement that can make our digestive system work better. Acidophilus breaks down the complex food molecules and prevents the escalation of deadly bacteria.

The acidophilus is a probiotic, it is great for people with digestive problems and yeast infections. About 60 to 70 million suffer from these digestive problems and a lesser number of women have yeast infection problems. Acidophilus can be very well the solution for these millions of people.

Acidophilus can be taken in the capsule form or is used as an additive to milk or dairy products. Each dose contains billions of organisms that do the great work of breaking down the many commercial and processed foods that can cause digestive problems. They usually contain many additive chemicals for preserving; these can cause the problems with digestion.

People with lactose intolerance can experience great benefits and decreased irritation with dairy products. Many people who take acidophilus can also have better control of their constipation and diarrhea. With better digestion, we can get the optimized amount of nutrients in the food we eat. Many nutritionists recommend that adults take about two tablespoon of acidophilus after every each meal while children should take half that amount.

Many more studies are being conducted to explore other benefits acidophilus can give to the human body. Some researches have shown that they can also improve gas and bad breath problems. Other possible benefits include lowering cholesterol levels as well as prevention of many forms of cancer.

While acidophilus has been found out to be harmless, it is always better to consult a doctor first. People have different reactions to certain chemicals, that’s why consulting a doctor first would be best.

Note: there’s been plenty of clinical research done proving the lactobacillus acidophilus benefits []. People who are constantly stressed out or have immune system problems should consume supplemental probiotics.

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