The Benefits of Noni Fruit Juice


Not to be confused with whole noni fruit drink or noni fruit powder, pure noni fruit juice contains dozens of nutrients to improve your overall health. When the noni fruit is ripe, it is completely saturated with juice; the juice literally drips off the fruit. Eventually, the fruit becomes so heavy that it falls to the ground.

The fruit is harvested by gathering the fruit off the ground, throwing it onto large screens, and letting the juice drain through the screens into large tubs. This way, there is no pulp, seed, flower, or bark in the juice.

The juice can be bottled with or without pasteurization. Currently the FDA does not require anything to be pasteurized, but it does require a warning label in cases where the beverage is not pasteurized. Almost all beverages consumed in the United States are pasteurized. The reason for this is that biologically harmful microbes tend to like fruit. Pasteurization, a process by which a liquid is heated to a certain temperature for a certain period of time, makes the fruit uninhabitable to those harmful microorganisms. It also protects against spoilage and undesired fermentation. While some see pasteurization as a great way to destroy some of the more valuable nutrients in noni fruit, it is better to be safe than sorry. Opt for noni fruit juice that has been pasteurized.

Follow the suggested dosage on the bottle in consultation with your physician.

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