Special Yunnan Green Tea – Buddhist’s Favorite

Special Yunnan Green Tea – Buddhist’s Favorite

Speaking of teas from Yunnan,Special Yunnan Green Tea – Buddhist’s Favorite Articles people perhaps are quite familiar with the famous Yunnan Black. Then there is the new hit, Pu-erh. To many of our oversea customers’ surprise, many Yunnan green teas are strikingly good while barely known to them. Among those wonderful Yunnan green teas is Buddhist’s Favorite, one of our best selling Yunnan green teas.

Buddhist’s Favorite is made of 100% hand picked leaves from small and large leaf hybrid tea trees. As a result of this, its taste is neither strong (large leaf tea) nor light (small leaf tea). It is the perfect refreshing chestnut flavor with sweet aftertaste.

This tea is rich in amino acid (13.36%), especially those that can not be produced by human body (3.7%). This year’s Buddhist’s Favorite is available in three grades: Grade A, B, and D. Grade A is made of tea buds, and has great leaf presentation. More info about this tea is available on our site at www.teahub.com/G2004002.htm

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