Why is it praised by some and cursed by others?

Pycnogenols are OPCs and are antioxidants. They are found in
plants throughout the world and are produced as part of the
plant’s survival system. The greater the environmental stress,PYCNOGENOL -  FRIEND OR FRAUD Articles
the more powerful the OPCs it produces. The most powerful
OPCs are found in the Maritime Pine Tree of France. A French
scientist read of a tragedy which happened in the St. Lawrence
Seaway where some sailors whose ship was trapped in the ice
were dying of a strange disease. Natives introduced them to a
stinky tea made from the local pine trees. The sailors who drank
the tea quickly regained health.

Since the Maritime Pine Tree in France was used for lumber, the
bark was readily available. His experiments resulted in the
introduction of OPCs as a great healing source. The name
Pycnogenol was patented and it only refers to OPCs from the
Maritime Pine Tree. None of the OPCs coming from other
sources can legally be called Pycnogenol. The Horphag Company
who owns the patent and trademark actively pursues people who
illegally use the name “Pycnogenol” as more and more of those
companies are discovering. All OPCs are antioxidants, but their
quality varies greatly.

About 15 years ago, Dr. Lamar Rosquist recorded a tape
concerning his use of Horphag Pycnogenol. The testimonials
were mind boggling and covered a wide range of illnesses.
Over a million copies were sold and at least a million more
were illegally distributed. Many people who used his tape
were selling inferior quality OPCs as pycnogenol and people
who bought it did not get the results described by Dr. Rosquist.
Disappointed, they yelled “Fraud.” Fraud was (and still is)
involved, but it is the look alike products that are fraud.

To get the best results from Horphag Pycnogenol, you need a
product with a delivery system and you need to use one
milligram per one pound of body weight. Since the root cause
of most illnesses is free radical damage, Horphag Pycnogenol
used with the 1-1 formula helps overcome many health
challenges. Miracles after miracles have been and are being
recorded. Why have many people failed to get good results?

1.An inferior quality of OPCs was used.
2.They were not using Horphag Pycnogenol on a 1-1 basis.
3.The formulation did not include a delivery system
4.The product did not include as much Pycnogenol as claimed on the label.
5.Pycnogenol adheres to many ingredients used as tablet fillers and passes out of the body.
6.Pycnogenol adheres to collagen which is used to make capsules.

Horphag Pycnogenol remains a powerful disease fighter when
packaged and used correctly. When buying Pycnogenol, make
sure the Horphag name is on the package. Otherwise there is
no telling which OPC is being used or how powerful it is. You
will also want to check for a delivery system and the real
quantity of Pycnogenol in each tablet. If you are using
Pycnogenol and do not get the desired results, check the
above list of 6 reasons for failure.

Horphag Pycnogenol is expensive. In America the raw Horphag
Pycnogenol costs over $3,600 per kilo, which is a very small
quantity. I checked pycnogenol on Google a few days ago and
the products listed were so cheap it became clear the chances
of those products being Horphag Pycnogenol are almost non
existent. Get your calculator and do some figuring before you

My health was restored nine years ago by Horphag Pycnogenol
containing a delivery system. It was used at the of 1 milligram
per1 one pound of weight. I use it every day. There are too
many people needlessly suffering with “old age” diseases and I
don’t plan to join them.

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