Protein Poisoning, Acid, Cause of Disease


With all the Hype about our need for protein, millions are being poisoned, by too much protein, and/or the wrong kind of protein. For the arthritis sufferer, this creates an acid condition that;

· Robs calcium from bones and teeth, producing osteoporosis, tooth decay, and extreme sensitivity to toxins in the food and environment.

· Causes degeneration of joints irritating joint tissues, causing inflammation, pain in the joints, and other connective tissue.

How much protein do we really need?

The best research (as outlined in the China Study *) has demonstrated that we were designed for a diet of 5% protein. The average American eats a diet of 25% protein.

The most simple way to back this up I know is to look at the stage of life when we should need the most protein. It would stand to reason that a growing human baby, during the first year of its life, would need the most protein, on a percentage of total calories basis. Does that sound logical to you?

It is a no brainer, to say that a human baby is designed to eat its mother’s milk. So what is the protein level in mother’s milk? It is 5%. This has been demonstrated countless times.

If the child is fed cows milk, which is much higher in protein, it is very likely to experience many disease symptoms. Cows milk is designed for a growing calf. A Calf grows to full maturity in less than two years. We humans take 20 years to grow to maturity. To be blunt, Cows milk is designed for a fast growing calf.

When we feed our children too much protein, it is like trying to force them to maturity too soon, before they are ready for it. They exhibit all sorts of symptoms. One of the most obvious is premature puberty. Many of the sources of excess protein are high in Growth Hormones that accelerate a child’s body to a maturity level far beyond what they are emotionally ready for.

There are many other side effects; allergies, cancer, juvenile diabetes, early onset arthritis, ADHD, the list goes on and on.

What Kind of protein do we really need?

That is the subject of another debate. I touched on that above. When you look at our physiology it is easy to see that we were not designed to easily make use of whole protein. We were designed to get our protein in the form of amino acids.

The protein in fruits and most vegetables is in the form of amino acids. Because of this fact, it is much easier for us to make use of the protein in fruits and vegetables, since it is already in the form we need it to be in.

The protein in animal products must be broken down into amino acids before we can make use of it. Our digestive system is not equipped to do this in a timely manor, especially if we eat a large percentage of animal products at a given meal. It has been shown that if we eat leafy greens with a small amount of animal products our bodies cam make better use of them, though they are not ideal.

Another problem with animal products is that the protein has been deranged by heat. This makes it that much more difficult to digest and that much more toxic to our bodies.

So what are the results?

The obvious primary result is a high incidence of cancer and heart disease. Our bodies have to work hard to deal with this foreign protein.

It is like giving a builder defective building materials to build your house. It is likely to fall down or have some other mishap like a fire caused by defective wiring. If the bricks are sound but he mortar is not the wall could fall down if bumped or with the least vibration.

If we try to build our bodies with defective building materials, why should we be surprised when we have a defective body, or a body that is falling apart?

Diabetes is rampant in our society. In areas of China, * where they eat a diet based on whole plant foods, Diabetes is unheard of.

Our people are plagued with all sorts of allergies. Take away the animal protein and the allergies disappear. High protein levels in the blood make our bodies hyper sensitive to the toxins we are exposed to.

The Main result of a high protein diet is that our blood is too high in acid content. We were designed to have our blood on the alkaline side of neutral. We cannot tolerate an acid blood PH. To compensate our bodies rob our bones and teeth of calcium and other base minerals to neutralize the acid. This is a defensive measure. If this did not happen we would die much sooner than we do from acid poisoning.

The calcium in cow’s milk has been cooked. The result is that it is inorganic. The only benefit we can get from inorganic calcium is to help neutralize acid. Inorganic calcium cannot be used to build strong bones effectively. The problem is that when combined with too much protein there is not enough calcium to neutralize the acid produced by the digestion of, foreign, deranged, whole protein.

Arthritis is caused by an acid condition in the body. As stated above this is usually caused by the consumption of animal products. Eating too much cooked food can also cause it. Cooking destroys most of the food value of otherwise healthy foods.

Protein poisoning causes Cancer. Foreign proteins in the blood are attacked by our body defense system. Cancer is the natural result of the defense and healing process. High protein levels cause cells to break away from bodily control. If the defense system is unable to destroy these cells that are out of body control, it tries to isolate them. This is what causes tumors to develop.

The Body creates tumors as a way to isolate toxins and cells that leave the control of the body. If we don’t stop causing this situation, It is likely to continue. Cutting out the tumor only addresses the results, or symptoms. It does nothing to remove the cause. The same is true of radiation and chemotherapy. They do nothing about the underlying cause.

To Summarize

We need our protein from whole plant sources, in the form of amino acids, in the form and percentage we were designed for. That is living whole fruits and vegetables, or the fresh juice of the living fruits and vegetables, with their living enzymes intact. Any other source is not what we were designed for.

Charles Snyder is a Health Minister and teacher of Natural Hygiene. He has been living what he teaches for 23 years. He changed his diet and lifestyle in 1983 after suffering for 13 years with arthritis in his back and knees. You can read his story and contact him by going to his website.

He has written a fiction adventure story called Six Months to Live. It is based on testimonies of real people, who did what he did to overcome disease, set into an exciting, adventure that is hard to put down. Ask for it in your local bookstore or visit his website to order an autographed copy. Six Months to Live

Another books at that webpage that can help you are The Health Seekers Yearbook

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