Potatoes are healthful!

Potatoes are healthful!

Not deep fried potatoes.

Not potatoes smothered in butter,Potatoes are healthful! Articles margarine, or sour cream.

Low fat yogurt can be used as a topping, plain or with
herbs and spices.

But try potatoes that are baked, boiled, fried on a non-
stick surface with a minimum of oil or non-stick spray,
chopped into soups and stews, and on, and on.

It is extremely unfortunate that deep fried and salted
potatoes (“french-fries” or pomme de terre frit” or “pomme
frit”, and potato chips) are so tasty, and are now the most
popular of all fast foods. But severely restrict your intake
if you don’t want heart disease, stroke, and other

Potatoes are such a complete food that some societies in
South America (Andes of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, where
potatoes were first cultivated) eat little else.

Prepared with little fat or salt, Potatoes are healthful!

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