Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil: Is It For Your or Not?


Mom was right after all… oil is good for you. Now, there’s a way to get all the health benefits of fish oil without the bad taste.

Pharmaceutical Grade Fish OilIs It For You or Not?

Most of us remember when we were kids how ourMom insisted we take that awful tasting cod liver oil,whether we liked it or not!

Well, Recent Medical research on the benefits of fish oiland omega-3 fatty acids has shown, that Mom was rightafter all…….fish oil is really good for you!

But who can forget that awful taste.

However, all fish oils are not created equal.

 Enter Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

At the time Mom gave us that cod liver oil, the oceansand environment were relatively pure and clean. The cod liveroil we took came from ocean cod that lived in largelyun-contaminated waters.

Since that time, mankind has seen fit to do a lot ofpolluting of our ocean waters. Everything from garbage,to human waste, to toxic chemicals have been dumpedinto the ocean waters.

In the 1980’s there was a “fish oil mania” that sweptacross the country. Everyone was talking about the proclaimedhealth benefits of fish oil and it’s omega-3 fatty acids.

But, just as quickly as it came on, it left. The reason:people were just not experiencing the health benefits thatthe experts and researchers claimed fish oil would do.

Why Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil over regular fish oils?

First let’s look at a bit of history of how fish oil ismanufactured.

Before the 1980’s, fish oil came almost exclusively fromthe livers of the fish. The problem with that is, there wasa high amount of vitamin A which, if taken in too highof a dosage, could cause a vitamin A toxicity.

In the 1980’s fish oil manufacturing changed so thatmanufacturer’s were able to extract the oil from the whole body of the fish. This solved the vitamin A toxicity problem, but the oil still tasted horrible. So manufacturers encapsulated the oil, which could be swallowed whole.

Yet, the mania faded almost as quickly as it came about.

The reason: People were not taking high enough doses to notice any effect.

Researchers discovered that to get the same amount of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids as we were getting in the old cod liver oil, we needed to consume eight 1 gram capsules of the fish body oil per day.

People were just not taking enough of the encapsulatedbody oil to notice any perceivable difference.

But….the big problem with taking that much whole body fish oil became the high presence of toxic PCB’s.

To deal with this problem, manufacturers developeda technology called molecular distillation whichremoved some, but unfortunately, not all the PCB’s.

Molecular distilled fish oils are better thannormal health food grade fish oils, but still theyhave enough contaminants in them to cause problemswhen taken in higher dosages.

The latest break through in fish oil technology begins with

removing most of the saturated fat by a process called fractional

distillation and the removal of virtually all the PCB’s bya more advanced and sophisticated molecular distillation process.

With the advent of this new technology, a remarkable new type of fish oil has arisen:   Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil! 

Pharmaceutical grade fish can deliver a concentratedamount of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids withoutcontaining un-wanted by-products like chemicalpollutants or harmful saturated fatty acids.

Now with Pharmaceutical grade fish oil, you cantake a smaller dose and still obtain the requiredamounts of omega-3’s ……Without the presenceof toxic PCB’s!

A mere teaspoon of Pharmaceutical grade fish oilpacks a larger amount of omega-3 fatty acids thana whole tablespoon of the old cod liver oil did…..and it comes without the harmful contaminants andtroublesome side effects.

And…..the best part is…..Pharmaceutical gradefish oil leaves almost No after taste in your mouth!!

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