Nutrition Basics


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Nutrition Basics

Today our diets are full of processed foods; Foods that man has tampered with, not to benefit our bodies but to give the food a longer shelf life to increase corporate profits. We are eating fast foods which are filled with fat, salt, sugar and consequently we are eating ourselves to death. High combination of processed foods is a primary cause of obesity and contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. One of the most commonly used food processing agents is partially hydrogenated oil (fat). Foods we do not need to prepare, just heat and eat, are typically filled with partially hydrogenated oil (fat).

Partially hydrogenated fat comes from oil that would normally be liquid at room temperature but has been chemically processed to become solid at room temperature. Thus, creating a longer shelf life in food. Partially hydrogenated fat poses a greater threat to clogging our blood arteries than butter, lard and other saturated fats that are naturally solid at room temperature. So, you may ask, what is a reasonable solution to not eating microwave meals? Get back to the basics! Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole foods and drinking plenty of water is an excellent basic nutritional plan. Also, we need to consider that most whole foods which are not organically grown do not have as much health and vitality in them as they would if farm land were given a chance to rest every 7th year. God said in Leviticus, chapter 25, verses 3 through 6 that we should work the land 6 years and let the land rest the 7th year. However, God has allowed man to use technology to put herbs, vitamins and minerals in concentrated liquid or pill form so we may use such supplements to provide balance in our nutritional needs. We should supplement our diets with the advice of qualified health professionals.

I encourage you to read food product labels and educate yourself on good nutritional values. You only get one body and it makes good sense to take care of it. The closer a food product is to its natural state, the higher its quality….the higher quality food can help maintain health as well as quicken recovery from sickness. Eat fresh and natural foods, in this state, all of the enzymes are found intact. The amino acids are in their finest form, the minerals, vitamins, trace elements or “life force” are all present and in turn is capable of helping you to maintain and/or reproduce healthy tissue.

As an aerobics instructor, wife and mother of four (2 boys, 2 girls), Karen practices what she advocates regarding Health, Nutrition and Fitness. Teaching primarily in christian/church environments, she helps people understand how to meet and achieve their Health/Fitness objectives.

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