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In the last ten years, some marketers have come under fire for ascribing miraculous cure-all properties to noni fruit, claiming that it can single-handedly prevent, treat, or cure everything imaginable, including arthritis, burns, cancer, cold, diabetes, drug addiction, fever, fractures, gingivitis, headaches, heart disease, immune weakness, indigestion, malaria, menstrual cramps, ringworm, sprains, stroke, and wounds.

To separate fact from fiction, noni fruit is not a cure-all, but it is a valuable food supplement. It is still unclear exactly how noni fruit benefits your health, or to what extent, but there are some widely agreed-upon characteristics of noni fruit.  For example, anecdotal accounts of the anti-swelling effects of noni fruit consumption are numerous. And scientific studies have shown that a polysaccharide-rich substance called “noni-ppt” helps correct the immune system and fight tumors.

Furthermore, noni fruit benefits health in a general way, containing such disease-fighting effects as: antiseptics, bactericides, fungicides, laxatives, antioxidants, anesthetics, candidacide, cathartics, analgesics, cancer-preventatives, detoxicants, and so on. In other words, noni fruit is widely reported as a possible supplement for treating infections, pain, diabetes and – perhaps – some forms of cancer.

Finally, noni fruit may contain a molecule called proxeronine, which transforms into xeronine in the body, and is said to account for many of noni’s health benefits. Unfortunately, the University of Hawaii professor who named the molecule said that it is nearly impossible to detect, and as of yet, no one else has found it.  Despite this, many people continue to believe in its existence, and continue to consume noni fruit products for this molecule.  Regardless of the controversy, noni fruit appears to benefit the health of hundreds of thousands of people who consume it every day.

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