Is your body being starved of vital nutrients?

Is your body being starved of vital nutrients?

Over a hundred years ago the nutritional quality of the soil
was far greater than it is today.

Modern farming methods over the years have gradually seen a
decline in the soil’s nutrients.

A healthy diet containing at least 5 portions of fruit and
vegetables a day is very important to maintain optimal
health,Is your body being starved of vital nutrients? Articles but due to a decrease in levels of nutrients we
aren’t getting the same benefit as 100 years ago.

Crops are being grown in soils that have less goodness
left in them. Also many fruits and vegetables that are
imported from other countries are picked before the’re ripe
and then flown long distances before being stacked on
supermarket shelves.

As a result many vitamins and minerals are lost before we
even get them home. Many people tend to do a weekly shop
due to busy lifestyles instead of buying fresh produce each day. Vegetables and fruits are often stored in fridges and
vegetable racks at home for days before being cooked and
eaten. This means even more nutrients are lost.

A study has found that spinach contains 60% less iron than 50
years ago,and runner beans that used to contain large amounts
of sodium hardly have a trace of it today.

Chemicals are also added to our food. Fertilizers and
pesticides are used in farming, and fruit is often sprayed
with chemicals to help ripening after they have been picked.

If you are a meat eater most meat now contains anti-biotics
and growth hormones.

At the turn of the last century in about 1900 the incidence
of cancer was about 1 in 80 now it’s 1 in 3

Scientists have shown that many diseases including cancer,
diabetes and arthritis have a basis in nutrient deficiency
and bio-chemical imbalances.

Busy, demanding lifestyles give little time for preparing a
home cooked meal each day. As a result many families opt for
quick processed meals that can be ready in minutes.These may
be greatly lacking in vital nutrients and often contain high
levels of salt and preservatives.

It’s not surprising that so many diseases are on the

Taking nutritional supplements is a good way to ensure that
you are getting vitamins and minerals.

There are so many different supplements on the market that it
can be very daunting to know what you take.

For maximum benefit you need a complete range of over 60
major and trace minerals.

Mineral supplements need to be in the right formulation to be
effective.However many consist of inorganic metallic minerals
or basically ground up rock. These are only 8%-12%
biologically available to the body. This means that very
little of the minerals are absorbed into the system.

Collated minerals are more effective than metallic
minerals.These have an amino acid coating and greatly
increase the absorption rate to about 40%

For maximum absorption the minerals must also be in solution
in an ionised liquid form.

Getting the right nutrition into the body can make so much
difference to energy levels and wellbeing. The immune system
becomes stronger and you are more able to fight off minor
infections such as colds.Skin and hair are also improved.

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