Is the Standard America Diet Enough?


Today, Americans are busier than ever. We have less time to eat and no time to prepare healthy, well balanced meals. Most of us are lucky if we manage to fit in three meals a day. Based on the average diet and our lack of exercise, it’s no wonder Americans are getting fatter and sicker every day. Here are some hard facts.

  • An estimated 40% of cancers are related to poor diet and exercise.
  • Americans consume 140 lbs of potatoes per person per year; 51 lbs are in the form of French Fries.
  • The studies used to determine a nutrient’s RDA typically span only 6-9 months; just enough to prevent serious nutritional deficiencies but not enough to prevent long term illness and poor health.
  • Some commercially raised oranges have been found to contain no vitamin C!

Whether you eat the “standard” American diet that consists of packaged, processed and fast food or even if you make healthier choices, your diet may not be providing the amount of nutrients that your body needs to not just prevent nutritional diseases such as scurvy and rickets but also to thrive at its healthiest level.

The truth is that the millions of Americans that are overweight or in poor health are the lucky ones. Their bodies are telling them they need to make a change. So many others go through life experiencing fatigue, headaches, poor immune systems or other “insignificant” signs. Some experience no symptoms at all, until it is too late.

Don’t be fooled. If you eat what every other red blooded American eats, your diet IS killing you.

So, what can you do about it?

To regain your health and maximize your vitality follow the 7 Pillars of Prevention. It doesn’t matter what stage your health is in, these pillars can be very valuable to you.

7 Pillars of Prevention

1. Water – Yes, we have all heard it before but it bears repeating. Water is the fluid of life. Many health concerns can be eliminated simply by drinking more water. Try this, for each beverage you drink, first drink an equal amount of water. Soon you will be drinking more water and less junk!

2. Enzymes – Food enzymes are key to healthy digestion, restoring pH balance and vitamin/mineral absorption. If you suffer from acid indigestion, have food allergies, get gas or bloating or are frequently constipated, you probably lack enzymes. Most raw fruits and vegetables contain enzymes but if you are not eating your foods raw, the enzymes are being destroyed. Supplementation may be necessary.

3. Fiber – Think you are getting enough? Many sources will tell you that you need only about 14 grams of fiber per day. However, fiber is one of those great things you just shouldn’t skimp on. It will help you feel full, balance your blood sugar levels, improve your colon health and regulate the digestive process. Your goal should be to get 30 or more grams of fiber every day.

4. Multi-vitamins – Doctors now agree that every person should take a multi-vitamin each day. Just think about that orange in the beginning of this article. You may be eating healthy choices and your body could still be vitamin starved. Be sure to shop for all natural vitamins from a good source.

5. Essential Fatty Acids – Tired of being told you should eat more fish and then being told that it’s unhealthy to eat more fish because of the mercury? The fact is, essential fatty acids are necessary and the health benefits go on and on. If you don’t eat fish, choose a supplement company that guarantees no mercury in their EFA’s.

6. Anti-oxidants – Not just another fad supplement, anti-oxidants are being shown to be beneficial for a large range of health concerns. Increase consumption of anti-oxidant rich foods including wild blueberries, kidney beans, pinto beans, cranberries, and artichokes. Supplements are available as well.

7. Probiotics – One of the most overlooked essential nutrients in our society, probiotics are rarely used regularly. Unfortunately, we spend millions of dollars each year trying to get rid of bacteria – anti-bacterial cleansers, hand soaps, antibiotic medications abound. However, some bacteria are essential to our health. Probiotics (or friendly bacteria) helps to break down our food for better nutrient absorption and improves our immune system by killing off “bad” bacteria. If you have taken antibiotics in the past or if you eat meat or dairy (both are raised using antibiotics which are transferred into the foods we eat) then you likely need to supplement with probiotics.

Taking back control of our health is not impossible. It can be done with some simple dietary changes and supplementation from a good source. If you are tired of running on empty and merely existing and you are ready to start living, then you can adopt the 7 Pillars of Prevention and start feeling better now!

Nicole Bandes is a Certified Herb Specialist that has worked with clients for over 5 years. She recommends and uses Nature’s Sunshine Products. To learn more about the 7 Pillars of Prevention visit

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