How Much Calcium Does Your Body Need?


The human body needs calcium in order to maintain maximum health. Why does the human body need calcium? The teeth and bones rely on regular doses of calcium to remain healthy at all times. It makes bones strong and helps prevent osteoporosis, the slow degeneration of bones in the body. Yet, if the body requires calcium to maintain health, how much should one get and what sources can you get it from?

Let’s first take a look at the foods that one can get the best sources of calcium from. It is important for one to know that if you want any calcium to be properly absorbed by the body, you will require the proper daily dose of vitamin D as well. Milks, cheeses, other dairy products, and many vegetables contain calcium. Also, a variety of nuts contain calcium and certain cereals on the market have calcium in them to help consumers meet their daily needs. Tofu, broccoli, figs, wheat bread, rye bread, apricots, and cottage cheese also have calcium in them and when such foods are added to one’s diet they can significantly help an individual get the calcium they need, along with other vital vitamins and minerals that the body needs to be healthy.

Taking a vitamin supplement everyday can also help individuals meet their daily requirements when it comes to calcium. In fact, even eating an anti acid that has a calcium supplement added to it can help you get your daily allowance. Thus, every measure helps you make significant strides toward your own maximum health.

Children are constantly growing and sufficient calcium is vital to healthy growth. Bones rely on calcium to become strong and stay strong and children that have a deficiency of Vitamin D or calcium can become seriously ill with diseases like rickets. Therefore, a vitamin supplement for children is also recommended, one that contains significant calcium and Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E, along with other crucial minerals for maximum growth support.

Likewise, various stages of life can affect calcium levels in the body and when an individual enters such stages it is important that they take every measure possible to get the calcium their body needs. Pregnant women and women going through menopause especially need to monitor the amount of calcium in their diets and may need to take supplements to ensure they are getting the right amount every single day. Just bear in mind that the vitamins you are taking may not even come close to giving you the required amounts of calcium you really need and you will need to get it from other sources as well, like the healthy foods mentioned above. Only with the combination of a healthy diet and daily supplements can anyone ensure that they are getting the daily dose of calcium that they require to be at their healthiest. Be sure to read the labels on the vitamins you take to see how much calcium such supplements provide.

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