How a Simple (?) spice may save your live

How a Simple (?) spice may save your live

Yesterday I mentioned that I think Cinnamon is the most powerful spice. Recently the US government was studying how different foods affect your blood sugar. They had a very unusual result; they found that apple pie actually lowers your bloods sugar. Since it is almost all sugar they were surprised. So they studied the ingredients and found that the cinnamon was lowering people’s blood sugar. Further research showed that cinnamon stimulates insulin production and mimics and enhances the action of insulin. This is huge if you have diabetes or hypoglycemia. You may be suffering from one of these conditions and not even know it. As many as 80 million Americans are undiagnosed hypoglycemics. Some symptoms to look out for are: Frequent thirst and urination,How a Simple (?) spice may save your live. Articles dry skin, mood swings and cravings for sweets. These conditions occur when we are not able to control our blood sugar. Our insulin is supposed to do this but does not in many people.

Unbelievably, cinnamon may be the cure. Even insulin dependant diabetics have controlled their diabetes with cinnamon. If you have any of the above symptoms, eat some (½ a teaspoon) cinnamon every morning (and see your doctor). You can put it on you cereal, toast, or in your coffee (coffee is bad for you) or tea. A great way to include cinnamon in your diet is my Super Healthy Oatmeal Recipe(Issue #1). It is in the first issue of this newsletter available from the main site. Even if you do not have diabetes or hypoglycemia adding cinnamon to your diet will help you control your appetite. Your homework is to eat some cinnamon every morning. Try it for a week and see if you pee less and are less thirsty.

An interesting Biblical side note about the history of cinnamon, It was the second ingredient of the annointing oil that was used by the Isrealites to season all the priests food.( Exodus 22)I’ll tell you what the other ones are tommorrow in the newsletter.

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