Healthy Eating on the Hoof – Top 10 Tips to Avoiding the ‘Deadly 3’


Many of the foods available to us when we are ‘out and about’ and ‘in a hurry’ are exactly the kinds of foods we should be avoiding if we want to lose fat and stay slim. Think sandwiches, baguettes/subs, wraps, pastries, cakes, biscuit, even soups. Highly modified, stripped of nutrients and packed with what we call the ‘Deadly 3’ (white sugar, white flour and ‘white’ salt), these foods are perfect for fat gain! We should all aim to avoid refined carbohydrates, but if you really want to be successful at losing weight (and keeping it off), you absolutely MUST avoid them.

The best way to avoid having to choose these foods (or go hungry) is to plan ahead and take your own food with you. There is a misconception that living this way requires extra time and work which is simply not true. All it takes is a little forethought and planning, and the end result – a slimmer, healthier, happier you – makes it so worth it. Here are our Top 10 Practical Planning Tips for healthy eating ‘on the hoof’:

  • Use tins of ready-cooked beans, lentils and chickpeas (with no added salt or sugar)
  • Stock up on the ‘best carb’ basics eg. brown rice (easy-cook), quinoa and oats
  • Keep a bag of unsalted raw nuts and/or seeds in your handbag/briefcase for emergencies
  • Invest in a thermos flask so you can take hearty and nutritious soups and stews to work
  • Buy a set of plastic containers for packed lunches like pre-cut vegetable crudités for hummus or mashed avocado dips
  • Get into the habit of cooking an extra portion to freeze for those evenings when you come home late
  • Choose easy-cook brown rice, available at most mainstream supermarkets these days
  • Cook double the quantity of rice or quinoa, use half and put the rest in the fridge for a quick salad base
  • Keep your spice rack stocked with a wide range of dried herbs and spices to provide flavour and zing to the simplest salads and soups
  • Carry a teaspoon in your bag/briefcase for an emergency avocado snack

and one for luck…

  • With your cupboards stocked with staples, nip into the greengrocers as often as you can, buying smaller quantities for your immediate needs. This will mean less waste and the freshest veg!

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