Fast Food, Not Fat Food – Have it your way

Fast Food, Not Fat Food - Have it your way

We can continue to kid ourselves and vow never to eat
another fast food meal again,Fast Food, Not Fat Food - Have it your way Articles and really, this time mean
it, get real! We’re hungry and in a hurry, and lets face it;
crave those hot, salty fries and great tasting burgers.
We give in, devour these conveniently quick served value
meals from the local fast food joint found on every other
corner, and with in minutes, satisfaction.

Then it hits you. How many calories, how much fat, and
we do this every time we go to the mall, (we know shopping
and lunch go hand and hand) and every time cooking seems
to become a undesirable task. How do we allow that seducing
aroma and instant gratification take over again?

Luckily, over the past few years’ fast food restaurants finally
gotta clue. They now offer some healthier, yet still tasty
alternatives; grilled chicken sandwiches, broiled burgers,
delicious salads, and pitas stuffed with fresh vegetables.
Life in the fast food lane does not have to mean life in the
fat lane anymore. With a little knowledge and willpower,
we can put our best fork forward, and still enjoy the luxury
of fast food.

Eating a meal or two at Burger King, (which by the way is
my favorite), or Taco Bell, (which is my other favorite), isn’t
going to hurt all that much. But if you want to reduce the
fat, calories, and guilt that come with such indulgences, make
better choices.

Don’t supersize
I guarantee you will be full and satisfied without stuffing
in those extra 20 or so french fries.

Lose the cheese
Ask for lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions to garnish
your burger or sandwich.

Hold the mayo and “special sauce”
Although loaded with taste, also loaded with fat.

Go for the grilled chicken instead of the burger
The obvious low fat choice.

If you want the burger, select the smaller size
Skip the double or triple deal.

Consider ordering a baked potato or salad
A great side and filling alternative to the fries or
onion rings. Pass up on the fried food.

Drink water, or if that is too boring, a small soda
You don’t need to consume those extra calories
that comes with soda, and no re-fills.

There really are no surprises. We all know the menus.
If you’re on the go, don’t have time to prepare your own
healthy food, or just want something quick to satisfy your
hunger, careful choices can make all the difference.

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