Enzymes and Your Health, How Will My Child React


My children seem healthy and happy and active, but one of them often complains about “indigestions”. I have never used an enzyme product with my child, so what kinds of reactions should I expect?

Reactions from enzymes can vary. If your child is not on a casein free, gluten free diet, the use of enzymes that break down casein, gluten, or any other ‘addictive’ substance may cause a withdrawal effect. The child may actually appear to be worse for a few days. This is because of the decrease in peptides in his or her system.

Symptoms may appear as hyperactivity, being more sensitive to pain and stimulus, aggression, and sleep disturbances. In addition, you may notice digestive changes, such as increased frequency of bowel movements (not diarrhea), less stool passed, and a possible increase in gas production. All these are temporary and should be resolved in a matter of days. An increase in urination and thirst may appear too.

WOW! Well, how long will these symptoms last?

Adjustment symptoms may not appear at all, but if they do, most people get through this period in about a week. Most people find the symptoms are very mild, manageable and end by the third week. In a few instances, the symptoms may last longer.

There are several different “Greens” products on the market specifically to help the digestive process. One of these supplements is Bio88+ (Plus), a pure enzyme product designed specifically to aid in digestion.

The producers of Bio88+ (Plus) use only the very finest “certified” organic, 100% vegetarian-based components in the making of their highly nutritious food product. There are no animal based products associated with Bio 88+ (Plus). Feel free to contact the author by email for additional information.

Our next article, Part IV, will deal with proper enzyme doses and when to take them.

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