Do You Make This Mistake Using Fructose?


Fructose, also known as levulose or fruit sugar, is found in fruit, honey, table sugar and other sweeteners, and in many processed foods There is between 1 and 7% fructose in fruits, although some of them have much higher amounts. Some root vegetables, such as beets, parsnips and onions, sweet potatoes, contain fructose, usually in combination with glucose and sucrose. Fructose makes up about 40% of the dry weight of honey,

As you can see, there is fructose almost all around.

Recently scientists have found that fructose may trick you into thinking you are hungrier than you should be. The findings could influence future dietary guidelines by implicating fructose in the epidemic obesity.

Of course, physical inactivity, consumption of high-fat foods and increased caloric intake undoubtedly have a significant part of contribution in making people obese. But people are feasting on more fructose than ever. And the danger doesn’t come from natural fructose you take from fruits and some root vegetables. This kind of fructose is easily absorbed by human body during the digestion process without side effects.

The problems come with fructose contained in soft drinks, jellies, pastries, ketchup and table sugar, and, among other processed foods, in high fructose corn syrup aggressively promoted as natural sugars substitute. This kind of fructose is not pure like the one from fruit is. It’s a commercial, refined sugar.

As is the case with any other refined food, a little refined fructose won’t hurt, but you should avoid it. High fructose consumption raises blood levels of cholesterol and has been fingered as a causative factor in heart disease by causing an unnatural tendency toward blood clotting. Over consumption of fructose may also accelerate the aging process.

There is no a safe amount of fructose, but in small and pure amounts it’s not a bad substance. If you mainly eat natural foods, and avoid large quantities of processed ones, you have no reasons to worry about.

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