Avoid the Breakdwon Syndrome


Wealth is nothing without health, yet most of us would
rather jeopardize our health for wealth, worrying and working
so much that our body begins to either revolt or get stressed
out, crash like an overloaded computer hardware.

We take little or no care of our bodies. We carry on till
breakdown point when we get hospitalized and forced to service
our body system. This then is the only opportunity our bodies
get to be given any treatment at all.

All the while before breakdown point, we pile pressure on our
bodies’ system, under-nourished with none nutritional diets,
impure air and water.


Ironically, people find it more expedient to service their
engines: Cars etc, making sure that machines do not break down,
while neglecting the bodies that are to make use of the machines.

Cars are regularly taken to the garage for service – flushing
out impurities, replacing and oiling engine parts. Generally
replenishing the engine system, etc. from the rigors that would
have eventually caused it to break down, but most people seldom
give the same care to their bodies on a regular basis.


Just like the car, your body system requires:

1. Cleansing of wastes, pathogens and toxins.

2. Nourishing and replenishing of lost nutrients

3. Strengthening or boosting of the immune system and

4. Balancing or revitalizing of the endocrine systems to produce
balanced hormones.

For a sickness free life, the following require regular
detoxification and nourishment:

1. THE HEART SYSTEM: heart, small intestines, tongue and the respiratory glands

2. THE LIVER SYSTEM: liver, gallbladder, pancreas, eyes.

3. THE KIDNEY SYSTEM: kidney, bladder, reproductive system

4. THE SPLEEN SYSTEM: spleen, stomach, mouth, digestive glands, the lungs, large intestines and the immune system.

5. THE BRAIN SYSTEM: brain and the nervous system.

All the above are the visceral organs, your sound health is
dependent on their well-being.

Did you know that sound health is the status of complete physical,
mental and social well-being of an individual, not merely the absence
of diseases and sickness?

The World Health Organization states that health is impaired
by 10% social conditions, 5% climatic conditions, 15% genetic
factors and 70% life style choice.

Because of the foregoing statistics, only 5% of the estimated six
billion inhabitants of planet earth are of sound health, 15% are
at the breakdown point with illness while 80% are in the sub
health sector, neither sick nor of sound health. 90% of sudden
death occur in this group.

Now, think about your health, treat your body better than your car;
cleans your body, nourish it, boost and balance it for a sickness free life.

Remember this always:

You might live to be 100 years old; keep your
body well and fit for that eventuality, don’t let your body fail you
while you are alive – it is hell on earth.

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