10 Top (plus 2!) EnergyRich Foods


While there are seemingly endless ways to increase your energy and stay on track with your weight new, here’s a list of my favorite 10 (plus 2 bonus) foods that will help you with both. Which ones are YOU using?

Print this out and check those you already do, and note those you should “give some
attention to.”

___ 1. Water – sipped throughout the day. Consistent sipping over
random gulping keeps your kidneys thoroughly hydrated. If your kidneys are not
hydrated your liver has to step in and take over “de-toxing” and isn’t fully available
to perform it’s main duty: metabolizing fat into energy. Less energy, more fat for

___ 2. Green Tea. This drink does have caffeine, but nearly as much as
coffee and where coffee’s acid content can reel havoc on the stomach (taking away
your energy) green tea provides you with antioxidants (because the leaves are
steamed and rolled in preparation, rather than crushed like black tea leaves).

___ 3. Nuts. Yes, they’re fattening if abused, but I can tell you they work
to boost your energy – almonds, walnuts and cashews to be exact. Studies show a
small dose of healthy, essential fatty acids can increase your energy by up to 10
times! Give ’em a try and test it.

___ 4. Healthy Oils Speaking of fats … your body needs them for healthy
hair, skin and nails and ton improve digestion. This all means more energy. Not just
any fat is a good fat. Stay away from hydrogenated oils (processed and fast food)
and use flax, coconut, olive, almond, walnut and sesame for cooking and salad

___ 5. Peppermint. As natural as you can get it (so, no, those stripped
candies don’t count). Tea and extract form. Add either to hot water and feel
instantly refreshed. Increases perspiration and improves digestion.

___ 6. Figs. Excellent for strengthening the stomach and lubricating the
lung and large intestine. For all fruits the fig has the highest sugar content so don’t
over do it, but this baby can beat out a candy bar as far as benefits – any day.

___ 7. Grains. One of the most powerful ways to get your carbohydrates.
They stabilize blood sugar levels AND contain all the major nutrient groups when
eaten in their whole form – including protein – how about that!

___ 8. White Beans. Energize the colon and the lungs. Also a great
preventive approach to heart disease among other ailments.

___ 9. Chi Seeds. A wonder food. Next to the flax seed, it is the highest
concentrated source of Omega 3’s. Known as an endurance food with Native
Americans it relieves constipation, reduces nervousness and heightens focus.

___ 10. Shitake Mushrooms. A power-house of benefits: boost
immunity, strengthen the heart, ease allergies, help to eliminate sugar cravings,
reduce cholesterol … contain a sufficient amount of protein.

___ BONUS* Coconut Water. This is one of my favorite secrets. It is the
all-natural energy drink. High in natural electrolytes it is an energy burst and a
major re-hydration tool. When buying be sure that the ONLY ingredient is coconut
water. If anything else is included you aren’t getting the benefit.

___ BONUS* Umeboshi – Salt Plum. A fantastic condiment that is high in
citric acid and a natural antibiotic. Great for reducing fatigue, colds and flues. Can
be added to tea for an energy boost or to help with digestion. Buy in its whole form
for the most benefit.

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