You Can Stop Biting Your Nails, Here’s How!

You Can Stop Biting Your Nails, Here's How!

Are you tired of being self-conscious about your hands and
nails? I know exactly what you’re going through because
I’ve been there. Did you notice I said, “I’ve been there”.
That’s right, I have finally quit biting my nails. I never
thought it was possible, but after years of trying to
figure it out, I did it.

As I mentioned, it took me years to “nail” down how to quit
this habit. I had several failed attempts, too many to
count. I found myself always hiding my nails and truly
embarrassed about them. I was even envious of people with
nice nails because I was so uncomfortable with my own.

Being uncomfortable about my nails forced me to really
think about the problem. I tried all the cover-ups and
distractions such as bad tasting nail crÅ me and chewing
gum. However, nothing seemed to work on a permanent basis.
I would kick the habit for a couple weeks to a month, but I
would relapse and be back to square one in no time.

In order to stop this habit on a permanent basis, you have
to get to the root of the problem. All the cover-ups and
distractions help alleviate the desire to bite and make
quitting the habit somewhat easier, but they are not a
permanent solution. For a permanent solution, you must ask
yourself the following question:

In what situations do I sub-consciously start to bite my

All you nail-biters out there know what I mean! You bring
your fingers to your mouth without even thinking about it.
For me, as it is for most people, it was stress situations
causing me to do this. I was also guilty when I was
thinking, panicked, nervous and worried. As you can tell,
this covers a lot of situations and feelings, so I was
biting my nails a lot.

Even with all these feelings causing me to bite my nails, I
have quit this habit. I did it by being conscious of these
causes and therefore my emotions. In other words, when I
was getting nervous, or panicked, I would be mindful of the
situation and somewhat control my emotions. I would
realize that I was in this emotional state. With the
thought in the back of my mind not to bite my nails, I
wouldn’t do it. This is the key to quitting this habit.
This is the only permanent solution. Try this and you will
be pleasantly surprised with the results. A spin-off of
this method is being generally more relaxed and in control.
I found myself being able to handle pressure situations
better because I was more in control, not only of my nail
biting, but of my entire emotional state.

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