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At Working-Well we specializein providing unsurpassed service to our massage chair customers. Our personalized massage chair fitting system offers customized massage chair buyers advice. Whether you are looking for an economical massage chair option or a chair that spares no expense we can help find the chair that is going to deliver the best massage for you.

Working-Well offers helpful tips to consider when deciding which model massage chair to purchase. The first and most basic factor that should be considered when purchasing a massage chair is the size of the users. Person’s over 5’8 should only consider a massage chairs that has a stroke length of 26 inches or more. The stroke length is the distance the massage rollers travel up and down your spine. Top of the line massage chairs that offer 30 inch stroke lengths deliver ample massage coverage for anyone. See our top massage chairs and compare stroke lengths.

Other decisions that massage chair buyers should make before choosing a chair are the desired features. Working-Well recommends purchasing a chair that offers some or all of the following features.

Electronic Body Scanning-This allows the massage chair to scan the measurements of the users back to deliver a personalized massage. Four roller back massage-Four roller massage systems are the most advanced method and deliver the most realistic shiatsu massage.

Heat and Vibration-Chairs that offer heat and vibration are better at loosening tight back muscles.Rolling Tapping and Kneading-These are the standard massage features, and a minimum requirement when purchasing a massage chair.

Mechanical Leg Massager- Mechanical massagers deliver better leg massages than chairs that use air bags. Mechanical massagers actually knead and manipulate the muscles rather than squeeze them.

Print this list for easy reference. Visit our website to see our full massage chair buyer’s guide. Working-Well

With so many massage chair models it is difficult to choose the best one. Decide which features are important to you and let us help find the chair that offers everything you want and more.

Working-Well offers a full line of high quality shiatsu massage chairs at the best prices. For a complete list of our inventory click here. Or skip to our recommended chairs, the Premier Health Products PHP-2026 and the Premier Health Products PHP-2022.

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