Why Tanning Saloons Are The New Beauty Destination


Tanning is so much in fashion that tanning saloons are
mushrooming everywhere. Young men and women frequently
visit tanning saloons and use their tanning beds much more
often than they did earlier.

Due to its popularity and the health issues related with
it, government has laid down many regulations for tanning
saloons and tanning beds. While home tanning is convenient
and readily available, tanning saloons have some unique
advantages including variety and safety.

There are five advantages of a tanning saloon over home
equipment. These are:

1. Tanning saloons follow government regulations: Tanning
saloons seek the approval from FDA for the tanning
procedures and use of tanning beds and strictly follow
them. They keep client’s record and history.

Tanning salon operators ascertain client’s ability to tan,
history of sunburns, history of skin infections, rashes or
other conditions and use of certain medications or
cosmetics to prevent phototoxic and photo-allergic
reactions. A tanning expert will use this information while
planning your tanning exposure on the tanning bed of
tanning saloon.

2. Use of Equipment Under Expert Guidance: At the tanning
saloons, you use tanning beds and machines under the
guidance and care of tanning experts. Well-trained tanning
bed operators have thorough knowledge of the equipment and
they can program the tanning bed according to individual
client’s need. They will indeed control your dose of
ultraviolet light and save you from its harmful effects.

3. Better Tanning beds: Tanning Saloons are equipped with
sophisticated commercial tanning beds. Commercial tanning
beds are more comfortable and safe. They have programmable
knobs to control the amount and intensity of ultraviolet

You also have control on the tanning bed, especially to
switch and open it, when feeling uncomfortable. Tanning
salons also have additional equipments like an Oxygen Bar.
This releases oxygen, which reacts with the skin and
enhances the production of melanin for a better tan.

4. Various tanning modes: Tanning Saloons offer many
tanning options. Besides tanning beds, they offer tanning
booths, tanning lotions and tanning spray. These alternate
methods are for the people who dislike the tanning beds.
These alternate tanning options are often a better choice,
especially if you are in a hurry.

5. Safety and Style in tanning saloons: Safety devices such
as protective goggles are available in tanning salons for
safe tanning. They also have tanning accessories such as
tattoos and protective clothes. Tanning tattoos create
stylish designs on the body by excluding the tattoo area
from tanning.

It is therefore evident that while home tanning may be
easier and simpler, professional tanning is more effective,
safe and flexible. You may like to keep this in mind while
weighing your tanning options and use the tanning beds.
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