Why Some People Don’t Take Investing in Their Health Seriously


What if a trusted friend were to tell you about an investmentwhere you could not possibly go wrong…what would be yourreaction? And what if there was a virtual mountain of credibleinformation that supported the investment claims…wouldn’t yoube inclined to take advantage of the opportunity and not miss outon the rewards? Although the answer to these questions seemsapparent, when it comes to investing in our health and quality oflife we often choose to ignore what obviously works. Take forexample, exercise…

Physical fitness may be the ultimate investment opportunity.Think of it this way. If you are willing to make the commitment(investment), you will feel and look healthier, have an abundanceof energy, be more self-confident, more productive and discover amore joyous and fulfilling life. These are rewards that moneycannot buy and the substance of high quality living. And, theinvestment of exercise becomes even more attractive when youconsider that there is absolutely no down-side risk. You haveeverything to gain and nothing to lose. How much better can itget? How many times can you remember ever having a better offer?The honest answer is probably never, and yet many of us fail toact on this extraordinary opportunity. We simply choose toprocrastinate or ignore the proven benefits of exercise!

Here are a few reasons that sometimes inhibit our willingness to”step out” and make a change or take a chance:

– Sometimes our vision gets clouded. We lose tract of what isreally important. When this happens, it’s time to forget thetrees and look at the forest. Try to focus on exactly what youare trying to accomplish. Sometimes we get so caught up in thedetail that I forget where I’m going.

– If we look at the “big” picture, it can seem overwhelming. Andthe bigger the task, the more overwhelming it can seem. Break thetask apart into smaller pieces. Want to lose 50 pounds? Go for 10pounds, five at a time! Need to start an exercise program? Beginwith short, simple exercises and slowly expand your routine. Theabsolute worse approach to exercise is to overdo it when firststarting the program. We seem to have this all or none mindsetwhere we end up killing ourselves the first few times out. We endup stiff, tired, disillusioned, and then quit. Moderation is thekey.

– Have you ever not wanted to start something for fear offailure? Take the first step and acknowledge the fear, then thenext step will come easier. Fear of the unknown scares us so muchwe don’t want to even begin. Once fears are acknowledged, theyusually quiet down. Taking the first step allows us to go pastthe fear and on to the next step.

– Sometimes we start to think that a task is unpleasant orboring. Just like any other activity, this can also be true forexercise. There are days when we just plain lack the enthusiasmand motivation to continue. It’s part of human nature. On dayslike these focus on ‘why’ you are doing it. Think about all thepeople you care about and who may need and rely on you. Whatwould happen if you became ill or disabled and was unable to workfor a period of time, or worse, if you were out of the picturecompletely. How would things change? If something happenedtomorrow, how would your family or business manage without you?What do you want your life to be like in the future? There aremany tasks or chores we do, that we may not like, but arenecessary to live a happen and productive life. Focus on thebigger picture.

– Indecision can be defeating, but doing “anything” is betterthan doing nothing. There are no wrong choices and very fewchoices that can’t be undone or done again. Can’t decide on aparticular exercise program or routine? Pick a few exercises andstart with something simple. If you don’t like it, go on to thenext exercise.

– When you lack the confidence to start something new, take adeep breath and try to figure out why. Are you hesitating becauseyou really lack the skill or is it just imagined? If it’s real,try to find out where to gain the skills you need or find someonewith the right skills who can help. In the case of exercise,finding a qualified personal fitness trainer can sometimes do thetrick, but be wary…some PFT’s are overzealous and tend to startnewcomers on programs that are too strenuous.

– Life just seems too busy to find time for some activities.Large, uninterrupted chunks of time are very hard to come by. Andif we’re honest, when they do come, we’d rather do somethingtotally pleasurable! Exercise has to become part of your routine.It can’t be an option. Make it a high priority just the same asyour career, and other areas of interest. You will be surprisedat how easy exercise becomes when approached this way!

– Have you ever subconsciously (or otherwise) inviteddistractions so that you have a “good” reason not to getsomething done? Sometimes it’s the simple things like answeringthe phone or sitting down to watch that “one” TV program, thatdistract us. When you find yourself doing this, take control ofthe situation and make a conscious decision to do what you areavoiding.

To reap the benefits of exercise, or any other health relatedendeavor, you must agree to become a willing participant. Thiswill require due diligence on your part. And remember, as youembark on your mission you are investing in something near anddear to your own heart…your life and a future of healthyliving. 

The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to medically diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Consult a health care practitioner before beginning any health care program.

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