Why must we live happily?


What is your feeling today? Do you feel happy or sorrow?Feeling, I can say is the most important factor in our life. Don’t you agree? When our mood is low, it affects our work and health.

Woman has more mood swings than man. Why most of the people say that?

In many occasions when we have anything relate to woman, people would rather choose man to woman because woman are very weird. Their feelings are always changing and you can’t understand.

Like you are having a female teacher; principle; met a female dentist or doctor, when she lets out her temper, everyone will be thinking: “Oh a single who never marry, her feelings is not stable…etc.”

Do you have the same thinking also?

Your mood affects your concentration at work. You find yourself day dreaming while your lecturer is teaching or when you are in a meeting. Having many mistakes on your work.

If you are working with money related tasks, you must be very conscious. A small error may lead to a very serious problems. You are already in a very low mood but still get scolding and that’s very annoying.

Your sales will be low due to your attitude towards your prospect customers. Some customers are very demanding, you may tend to vent your anger at them. When these complains go up to the top levels, you’ll get from it again.

Above all, your health is affected the most. Your body deteriorates when you can’t eat or sleep. Every time you get angry, your blood pressure rises. Or if you are the one who bottles up everything, your mental will be affected for long term.

‘Laughing’ is the best medicine for all kinds of illnesses. Have you heard of this? If you laugh for 20mins everyday in the morning, it aids to your health. When you receive care and concern, you’ll feel happy and relax. It can beat the bad cells in you.

Happy or not happy, which do you want to choose to live?

No matter what your decision is, you also have to live. So, why not live happily?

Cheers to your healthy life!

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Author: Piyawut Sutthiruk

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