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As a natural healer working with those who suffer from Hidradenitis Suppurativa and other disease on a daily basis, not only do I have the pleasure of hearing success stories but the most common phrase used by ill people is Why Me? Accompanied by what did I do to deserve being afflicted by painful lesions on my body? They also ask what they have done that was so bad to be punished in such a torturous manner by God?

First and foremost the Higher Power does not punish us with disease however He does give us free will to choose our style of living, the drugs we ingest as well as the foods that we eat and when we can realize this and take responsibility for our illness only then can we begin making changes and enter the healing process.

When the “Why Me” question is asked from seemingly helpless and hopeless sufferers of disease my response to them is “Why Not You”? What have you done to deserve health? Never the less this very question is not often well received by the diseased inflicted sufferer and their thoughts often oscillate in the direction that I dare say they are deliberately hurting themselves or causing their ill state on purpose. Sadly the truth of the matter is not many sufferers can come up with any good reasons why they should be healthy and free of disease and excuses are rather plentiful. However the common denominator in the whole scenario is caused by lack of knowledge and lack of responsibility of the diseased person and no one likes to hear the truth if it be told, not even I, especially if the truth hurts! However it is most important that if a diseased person wants to heal of their disease that they come face to face with what is causing the illness and the truth of the matter is what you put in your body is what you are going to get out of it!

“Why Me”? Why Not you? Why not start right now as the thinker and examine ways that you could improve upon your health. The body is a beautifully orchestrated network of cells, organs, veins, muscles and skeleton and is constantly trying to stay in tune and you can not constantly laden it with garbage such as refined sugars, processed nutrient deprived foods, artificial colors and additives, alcohol, soda, coffee as well as chemical drugs either prescription or over the counter and expect the body to run efficiently and effectively. Soon the body is overcome with the amount of garbage being put in and organs become sluggish and the immune system weakens from toxic overload. Your body is not a “Garbage Landfill Mine” you cannot just dump in it huge amounts of garbage everyday and cover it up with dirt and expect everything to be ok! And if you think it is ok to do so you are seriously fooling yourself, however you will not fool the body, not for long, and you will surrender yourself to disease.

So what can we do to start the healing process? Here is some simple advice to follow that I, as a natural healer, tell my clients as I sit back and watch their miraculously healings occur.

Stop complaining and asking “Why Me”? It is not going to heal your disease my friends, however when you ask yourself the question “Why Not Me”? What have I been doing to deserve good health? It is then and only then that we can assume responsibility and take action and we do this by learning what the body needs and wants to be healthy and thus accommodate it. The day I looked in the mirror and pointed my finger at myself and said “I am feeding my disease” and I, because of my unhealthy habits, am the reason that I am ill, is the day I started to heal from Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

Start eating the proper foods that nourish the body and feed cells. Feeding your body garbage foods only weakens the immune system and organ function. Your body is not a Garbage Dump that is equipped to handle large amounts of dumping on an every day basis. When you put garbage in that the body cannot process and utilize for good health you thus become a human fermenting garbage dump. Have you ever been close to a garbage landfill mine? If so you know that smell of fermenting rotting garbage and that is what your colon looks and smells like. Do you see the scavengers feeding from the rubbish such as rats and scavenger birds? We have the same type of scavengers such as parasites that will feed off of you to live because you are such a good host and are feeding them what they want. Stop Feeding Your disease!

Stop putting chemical drugs into your body. Pharmaceutical drugs were made for temporary relief of symptoms, they do not cure disease because they do not address the root of the problem, and they create other problems in the body. Unless you live in a box, it should be common knowledge to you that no pharmaceutical drug has ever cured a disease and were never made to be taken for long periods of time but were made to relieve symptoms until the patient made the changes necessary to be healthy. Doctors are well aware of this and so should you be. Do not depend on drugs to cover symptoms of the disease until one day you die of the disease. Start using God Given Nutrients that are proven effective to actually nourish the cells, correct organ function, and heal the disease.

And last but not least never assume, just because the Medical Profession tells you, that there is no known cure for your disease that there is none. Many others and I are living proof that Hidradenitis Suppurativa, which is claimed an orphan disease with no known cause and no known cure in fact can be cured! Learn all you can about your disease, talk to and get help from others who have healed from your particular disease, and turn the “Why Me” into “Why Not Me”. Why can’t I be healed from my disease as well? And then you shall find the truth, take responsibility upon yourself to make the proper changes needed, and be set free from your disease.

Much Love And Healing To All

Barbara Collinshttp://www.truenaturalweightloss.com© Copyright 2005, all rights reserved worldwide

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