Why do people suffer from Hair Loss?


You do not usually end life with the same bunch of hairthat you grew up with when you were born. Unlike the eyesor nose, your hair keeps regenerating, shedding andgrowing.

As you turn older, you start experiencing hair loss. Thisnatural process of ageing starts when you turn 50. However,for some people the process starts much earlier. Thisarticle examines the various causes of hair loss in men andwomen.

#1 Stress and Lifestyle

The fast and hurried lifestyles of today make manycompromises on your diet. Emotional upheavals can causehealth complications that have an adverse impact on thequality of your hair. Lack of cleanliness of the scalp andexcessive dandruff problems can also cause hair loss.

#2 Hormonal imbalances

Hair growth and health depends on hormones such as thyroidand pituitary glands. Any disorders in these glands cancause hair loss. The excessive presence of a component ofthe male hormone – DHT can also cause hair loss. This is agenetic predisposition.

#3 Genetic factors

Inherited causes of hair loss effect the unlucky that havea family history of premature balding. In men, it is calledMale Pattern Baldness, in which the hair starts recedingfirst at the temples in a classic ‘M’ shape. In women, itis called Female Pattern Baldness. This is less common. Itstarts at age 30 and is characterized by overall thinningof hair.

#4 Side effects

Certain drugs taken for other purposes can cause hair lossas a side effect. The following is a possible list ofmedicines and drugs that could cause hair loss.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs Ulcer drugs Anticoagulants Agents for gout Drugs derived from Vitamin A Anticonvulsants taken for epilepsy Antidepressants Blood thinners Anabolic steroids Chemotherapy Drugs

However, not all prescription drugs under these categorieshave hair loss as a side effect. This has to be checkedwith the doctor.

#5 Other factors

Research is being continuously conducted on the causes andsolutions for hair loss. Recently, Japanese scientistsconcluded from studies that excessive sebum could clog thehair roots and cause hair loss. An excessive intake of somenutrients such as Vitamins A and E can actually promotehair loss.

There is no dearth of solutions, prescriptions andtreatments available for hair loss. Every once in a while,a new ‘wonder’ drug such as Rogaine will enter the market.Not every solution will cure hair loss. The correctdiagnosis has to be made before deciding on a course ofaction for hair loss.

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