When Your Walls Come Down – Be Happy Forever!

When Your Walls Come Down - Be Happy Forever!

“I’ve tried everything in the book but I just can’t seem to shake those last 10 pounds!” How many times have we heard or said that one? This is a common problem in the weight loss world today and this months tip will help to solve this problem!

What am I speaking of? Well the common term that describes this problem is called a plateau. The dieter does really well at first but somewhere along the way they become lost. Being lost often leads to discouragement and discouragement leads to failure… Sounds bleak doesn’t it? Keep reading!

First off,When Your Walls Come Down - Be Happy Forever! Articles you have to make sure your plan is well thought out and that you will know what it takes to get there. Remember that a lot of this battle is mental as well. You can work yourself to the bone but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will succeed. Lets look at an example. Someone is lost in a forest. They don’t have a compass nor any sense of direction. So they start walking. The more they realize they aren’t getting anywhere the harder they try, until extreme exhaustion sets in. They end up going around in circles with no results!

Don’t panic! You have to stop and think. Look at your body and picture the exact look you want. Don’t always go by the scale. Especially if you are weight training. Remember that muscle is heavier than fat. But you can project your ideal weight to a certain degree and use the mirror as a guide. Go by the feel of your clothes and a tape measure wouldn’t be a bad idea as well. This way you will have measurable results and won’t feel you’re spinning your wheels if the scale doesn’t show what you think it should.

Secondly, take a break! Your body can burn itself out from the weeks of straining doing cardio and strict dieting day in and day out. Your body will adjust and your intensity levels will also drop. I have seen this myself in real life examples of people who start a very physically demanding job. They eat the same and for the first little while the weight just seems to melt away. But as your body adapts to this stress the weight can sometimes slowly come back on. Then the person will have to examine themselves and look for other reasons which leads me to my next point.

You have to realize that it is a lot easier to lose weight at first than it is later. When someone starts a diet (assuming it’s a good approach) the pounds will usually melt off and then will slow down as they get closer to their goals. If you are 30 pounds overweight for example it doesn’t take much change in order to lose weight faster because you have a higher number of calories to drop and you probably aren’t used to physical activity at the levels you would be undertaking. As you near your goal this changes. It’s like picking up leaves. When you first start you can grab handfuls and put them in the bag but as the pile decreases it takes more effort to meticulously pick up the remains and put them in. Trust me, I know!

My suggestion would be to take a week off and to do things you enjoy. Eat normal and maintain your weight. Recharge your batteries and remember to be patient! When you are at this level the remaining weight will come off but slower, remember the leaves 🙂 Don’t take it for failure, give it time to work! Write things down, you could be eating more or exercising less than you think! Keep doing what has worked in the past and cater your plan a little more to suit your newer needs. For example, cut the carbs at night or add an extra 15 minutes of cardio daily. Do the research, the possibilities are endless. You can only move ahead from here!

“Take it all the way!”

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