When your doctor asks, “What Medications are you Taking,” Do You Truly Know?


What if you don’t need heart medication and you are
getting it anyway? How about blood pressure medication,
maybe birth control? Think about the consequences!

If you are drinking or bathing in tap water you may be
getting prescriptions prescribed for someone else and
you won’t ever know it! The pharmacist isn’t messing up
nor your doctor, read on and see what prescriptions you are
really taking!

If you are having health problems and drinking or bathing in
Tap water, could good old water be the culprit? May be!

A 2000 U.S. government analysis showed the nation’s
waterways are awash in chemicals used in beauty aids,
medications, cleaners, and foods. Among the substances
found were caffeine, contraceptives, painkillers, insect
repellent, perfumes, and nicotine. How much? All they know
for sure it’s unacceptable levels! That was 2 one-half years
ago and more have been added since?

Scientists say the problem is that these substances largely
escape regulation and defy municipal wastewater treatment
facilities. All the long-term effects of exposure are still unclear
and there are not many studies being done to find out. The
few studies that have been published are not good news!

Compounds of all kinds, and more being added daily, are
sold on supermarket shelves and found in virtually every
medicine cabinet and broom closet as well as at farms
and factories. And they are flushed or rinsed down the
drain every day. But they do not disappear or break up,
researchers warns.

Having worked in medical offices for twenty plus years I can
attest that this does happen… We were taught to flush
outdated medications down the toilet. We all assume our
government local, federal and state will have something to
clean our water. Boy what ostriches we are sticking our
heads in the sand. I can only regret my actions that
contributed to this problem and will absolutely never do
it again…

Look at all the medical offices and the thousands and millions
of outdated medications, in each office, dumped into your tap
water? Not a pretty thought!

This is the first generation to be raised with such horrendous
chemical dangers and we still do not know the whole affect
that is being put upon us. My grandmother always said, “Better
to be safe than sorry.” I thought she was just old but you know
she was smarter than I gave her credit for. Now it’s my turn to
pass on the wisdom gained by age. But at least I have lived to
age because my childhood was free of the poisons that my
children and grandchildren have been and are subjected to

Are you and everyone in your family going to be so lucky?
Not unless you watch what goes into and on your body!

What some say is good for us isn’t!

A study, from the Journal of Brain Research Vol. 784, 1998,
indicates that low levels of fluoride in the drinking water of
animals – equal to the amount of fluoride found in fluorinated
water systems- causes damage to brain tissue, similar to the
pathological changes found in humans with Alzheimer¹s
and other severe forms of dementia.

Do you know what is coming out of your tap and shower?
Do you care?

You should answer yes to both of those questions but I am
totally aware that some of you have the idea “Well I’m going
to die of something anyway!” How about dying of “old Age”
wouldn’t that be better? Why hurry to die younger? Because
it’s easy to do nothing and let others make your decisions.
Dying younger than necessary is a sad commentary for the
laziness of our world!

Be an activist in your life and the lives of your family and
friends. What are the common chemicals authorized
to come out of your tap? Two very common ones are;
Fluoride and chlorine.

Remember that you are probably getting fluoride in
toothpaste, in bottled water as well while also out of
your city water system.
See http://www.envirodocs.com/fluoride_link.htm

Chemicals include chlorine and hundreds of others being
absorbed through the pours in your skin as you bathe. To
prove my point – weigh yourself before getting into the
shower and then again after getting out of the shower and
note the weight gain – The vapors inhaled through the
shower or bathe mist are consider the more poisonous
of the process, which is created from chlorine and
other chemicals in the water. That can slowly and silently
damage your respiratory and other body systems!
Eliminating as much medication, fluoride, chlorine and
other chemicals as possible, is the only answer!

Are you using water filtration/purification to filter out the
fluoride and other chemicals? It must be both shower
and tap filtration!

On May 26, 2003 the E.P.A. released another report saying
that our water systems are antiquated and tracking water
pollution is impossible, and there is no money to fix the
problem even if they had the technology to do it, which is
doubtful at best! They went on to say that our water
protection systems are decades old and not working very

Don’t panic but be careful with your health, when it’s
gone you have nothing left. Take care of your body and
your body will take care of you for the long years ahead!
Filtration should be a prime concern in every household!

NOTE: Water softeners do not filter out anything they
only mask the chemicals; it just makes for feeling good
and a lot of suds when you lather your soap on. It even
masks the water taste, as good! This I learned, first
hand, by testing water from untreated tap water and water
with a softener attached. So don’t depend on a water
softener to keep you healthy. Brita won’t get it either!

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