What Is Eustachian Ear?


Eustachian Ear is the name given to the medical problem that arises when the Eustachian tube in the middle ear is blocked. In the ear, the Eustachian tube normally allows the middle ear to drain into the throat. There is drainage because the middle ear has a fairly constant liquid which keeps the middle ear space moist and allows the liquid to drain down into the throat.

This tube can be blocked for many reasons; common cold, sinusitis, nasal allergy,
throat infection, food allergies and sometimes in small children, large adenoids. When the Eustachian tube is blocked the pressure in the middle ear cannot be equalized. If the blockage continues, fluid will build up. Make no mistake, this can be very serious. To assist your body to cure this problem there are simple things you can do.

Clean your ears well all the time.

Address the cause of the contributing problem i.e.; allergies, sinus infection, or throat infection and also treat the ear problem. Cure the body and the ears should clear themselves. Use E.A.R. Drops; these drops are a special formula chosen to solve a wide range of ear problems from simple infections to plugged Eustachian Tubes.

Ear problems are most prevalent in children and seniors, but none of us are exempt. Poor diet and a poor immune system, can often be the reason we develop ear problems. By changing our life style, we can prevent illness and have a healthy, vibrant body.

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