What is Aromatherapy, and What Does it Mean to Me?


Aromatherapy is one of the practices used in the science of herbology, and it consists of using natural essential oils to heal. We introduce the oils into our body through the process of inhalation. Through inhalation, the oils enter into our lungs (from the bronchi into the alveoli and into our circulatory systems. From there, the herbs spread into the rest of our systems.

The way the oils enter our system is called aromatherapy. Many substances can enter our systems in this way, so this can be good or bad, depending on what the substance is. This is why we should be as careful with aromatherapy as with any introduction of substances or medicines.

But there are many herbs which have natural healing properties, and can also help heal our emotions as well as our bodies in a more natural and less invasive way than traditional medicines can.
As with anything, we need to take care when using herbs. Just because it is natural doesn’t make it safe! Remember that poisons also occur naturally and in abundance on this earth!
The difference between alternative therapies and medicine is only that medicines are heavily processed herbs and ingredients that also occur in nature.
Herbs can be the very same plants that medicine uses, only not heavily processed, and sometimes in lower concentrations without all the additional chemicals added.

Our sense of smell is one of our strongest of our senses, That is why a smell can trigger
an earlier experience so vividly. This is why aromatherapy is such a powerful tool.

We can use this knowledge to:
1. heal a sickness
2. prevent a sickness
3. enhance quality of life
4. esthetically, such as in using perfume
5. enhance our state psychologically

There are many ways to use these essential oils. You can use them in your personal body care products, such as shampoos, skin cremes, or soaps and lotions. You can use them in candles or in diffusers and vessels, in aromatherapy
The use of essential oils and herbs is mainly about a lifestyle choice. It involves a much healthier way of living, It is a way to delight your senses, while enhancing your immune system. A way to help in yourself and your families well being, increasing your energy, regaining your sanity, and enjoying the rest of our lives.

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