What Helps Insomnia?


To answer the question of what helps people with insomnia you must first look at the cause of the condition.

Many people can not go to sleep at night or it may take them a long time to fall asleep, this can be brought on by many different things. It can be stress, worrying about tomorrow’s schedule, or wondering what that new sound outside could be. If you are among this group, like I am, then you must find ways to turn off your brain. If you are just lying there and aren’t sleepy at all, get up and do something to take your mind off of whatever is occupying it. Read a book or take a warm bath. You need to relax before you go to bed. If you always go to bed at let’s say 10pm, but your mind is still racing, you may not be in the state of mind required for a good nights sleep. You must be in a relaxed state to drift of into that deep sleep necessary to tackle the day ahead.

What will help you relax your mind?
After your warm bath you can listen to quiet music or sounds. Ocean sounds and gentle winds blowing may ease you into slumber. Listening to this music will also help to drown out any other noises that may get your attention. Noises such as the house settling, cars going by, or even the neighbor’ dog can keep you awake and alert. You need to focus your mind away from anything that is keeping your mind active, so you can ease off into slumber.

If you are waking up in the middle of night, you may be hearing something that suddenly wakes you up. It could be anything from a neighbor on their way to work or just loud trucks that drive by around the same time each night. If you are listening to the quiet and peaceful sounds like were mentioned above these outside noises will not hamper your sleep.

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