What Are You Going to Inoculate Yourself Against

What Are You Going to Inoculate Yourself Against

Ever wonder why there’s a new flu vaccine every year? That’s because the flu virus mutates a little every year,What Are You Going to Inoculate Yourself Against in 2004? Articles in order to infect us better, and we have to come up with a new vaccine to keep ahead of the game.

The virus keeps evolving so it can do us in, and we keep trying to find new ways to combat it. There is no such thing as a permanent “flu” vaccine, and there never will be.

Getting the vaccine makes us resistant to that particular strain, or resilient. We’re likely to stay healthy and be able to fight it off, or to get over it quickly it we get infected.

Resilience is an Emotional Intelligence competency and the same principle applies: when we learn the skills that give us resilience, we’re better able to cope with the stresses of our lives. Today more than ever, the stressors are changing rapidly, and we need to be able to change quickly too; to keep injecting ourselves, as it were, with new “vaccine.” Emotional Intelligence gives you the power to do this.

Last year maybe it was a layoff, a forced retirement, depression, or sending your firstborn off to college. This year it may be major surgery, marriage, a promotion, or having your first child. Learning Emotional Intelligence competencies will make you better able to cope with whatever comes your way and will assist you through all your transitions.

The quicker we can change, and adapt, the more resilient we’ll be!

Start the year off right by honing your Emotional Intelligence competencies. Take an EQ Foundation course, and work with a certified EQ coach.

Your health depends upon it!

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