WEDDING MAKEUP – Making Sure Your Makeup is Camera Ready!


You plan and anguish over every little detail. Then, your dream day finally arrives.

You put on your beautiful wedding dress and make up your face by applying your favorite lipstick, a frosty, glistening pearly number called Ballet Slippers. You look good, but when the photographer’s proofs arrive, you can’t believe how poorly it photographed.

Wake up. And relax; we’ve got some helpful advice on how to make you the belle of the ball. The key is wearing classic makeup that flatters both you and the camera.

The philosophy of a timeless, classic look is soft, subtle makeup, with one feature, either your eyes or your mouth, being the most dominant color. The colors are clean, matte (i.e.; not shiny) and as fresh as nature. Soft, natural, feminine tones will form a harmonious, timeless makeup palette that will look as great today as will your wedding pictures twenty years from now.

Be sure your skin’s in great shape so your makeup goes on well and looks great. Beauty is truly only skin deep, so take good care of it. If you have any skin conditions, such as acne, visit a dermatologist at least four to six months in advance of the wedding to clear it up.

Skin-CareIf you skin-care regimen is not controlling your oily skin, or if it’s dry and flaky, visit a skin-care counter at least a month before the wedding to find products that work for you.

A great lipstick shade can’t camouflage chapped lips. Use a good lip balm/exfoliant product like Alexis Vogel Lip Exfoliant; night and day to make sure your lips are in top, kissable shape for your special day.

Also, have skin-care services such as facials and waxing done at least three days before the wedding to give any resulting irritation or redness that nay occur time to heal.

ManicureAnother worthwhile investment is a salon manicure. If you have hard to grow nails, consider having weekly manicures two months before the wedding. If you nails are normal, than a manicure one day before the wedding will look great. Choose a nail color that complements your lipstick, but keep the color in soft to midtone shades of pink, peach and rose. A French Manicure is a classic, timeless choice.

Classic Makeup LookTo find a classic makeup look that appeals to you, browse through bridal magazines (fashion magazines are too trendy). Choose models with similar coloring to yours and then have fun experimenting.

There aren’t any safe shades to recommend that everyone can wear. A light, baby-pink blush color would look great on someone with light skin coloring, but wouldn’t do anything for darker skin tones. Look for colors of nature that look soft, subtle and naturally beautiful on you.

If your skin color is uneven and blotchy, a foundation makeup will cover up most ills. Be sure the color matches your own skin color, so your wedding guests won’t see telltale lines of demarcation between your face and neck color. A great foundation that looks good in person and in photographs is Alexis Vogel Crème Foundation.

For under-eye discoloration, apply a concealer after applying foundation. (If you put on concealer before foundation, it will only blend away with the foundation). Press it gently into the skin with your ring finger or a concealer brush and apply it only on the area of discoloration – no need to sweep it all the way to the outer corner of the eye.

Look for products that feature longwearing claims so that touch ups will be minimal and you’ll be radiant all day and night. To make your foundation makeup and concealer wear longer, set them with loose powder. Press it gently into your skin with a cotton puff (not brush). Take pressed powder with you for touching up any shine, and re-apply as needed, especially prior to photographs.

Use blush and eye shadows in matte (non-shiny) formulations, which are more natural looking in photographs. Remember to choose soft, understated colors of nature so that your wedding pictures will show a radiant, happy you, instead of you wearing purple eye shadow.

Your blush color should be soft and coordinate with colors of your eyes and lips. For most people, a little circle of color right on the “smile” area of your cheeks is the most natural, more flattering look.

Long-lasting EyesThe eyes have it – tears, of course. To keep your eye makeup perfect all day, wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner. The waterproof formulas won’t let you down.

If your eye shadow doesn’t have staying power, invest in an eye shadow base, or dust loose powder on your lids before shadow application to ensure longer wear.

For unruly brows, a clear brow gel to hold your brows in a perfect arch is a must-have. It’s so easy to use and make a professional, movie star appearance. Alexis Vogel Brow Gel is a great choice.

Finish your face with lipstick and lip liner. A definite must is a longwearing, transfer-proof (won’t come off when you drink or eat) lipstick. Most manufacturers in both drug and department stores have lots of these formulas to offer. If you’re not using a lip-liner, try it! It really enhances your mouth, framing it with a perfect line that also prevents your lipstick from bleeding and feathering out onto your face.

With the help of longwearing products, you hopefully won’t need many touch-ups, but keep these products with you: pressed powder, blush, lipstick, lip liner, foundation plus your trust mirror.

If you’re considering using professional makeup artists, here are some options:

Department Store Cosmetic Counters: Bridal makeups are complimentary, but you’ll probably want to buy some of the products they use on you. You’ll need to call a cosmetic counter in advance and book an appointment. Plan on 30 minutes to an hour for your makeup.

Hair Salons: Salons charge for makeup application, which takes one-half to one hour. Some charge less for bridesmaids. An appointment is necessary.

Professional Makeup Artist: Having a makeup artist come to your home is the ultimate luxury. The artist will meet with you beforehand to do a preview, or trial, so that you are totally happy with the results well before the wedding.

Do It Yourself: The Alexis Vogel Cosmetics System gives you professional makeup instruction on a How To DVD by Hollywood’s Top Makeup Artist, PLUS all the tools and professional grade makeup you’ll need!

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