Tired of chemical ingredients in your cleaning products?

Tired of chemical ingredients in your cleaning products?

JEUNIQUE INTERNATIONAL has been in business since May 1,Tired of chemical ingredients in your cleaning products? Articles 1959. Its founder, Mulford J. Knobbs, espoused a philosophy for all things natural, including cosmetics, vitamins and cleaning products.

The problem with most household cleaners is that they contain potentially corrosive chemicals when inhaled or exposed to the skin. ECO-CLEAN is made from natural and organic sources, purified water, aloe vera, yucca and coconut extracts. It is therefore safe and gentle to use for the family. You can even wash your fruits, vegetables and meats with 1 capful in a sink full of water, rinsing afterwards.

Most other cleaners do not break down in the environment. What’s more these chemicals seep into the water table. ECO-CLEAN is entirely phosphate-free and biodegradable. It is non-flammable and non-volatile.

You also often need many products for different tasks in your home and garden. ECO-CLEAN is extremely economical since it can be used for just about anything. A liquid soap, plant food, household cleaner, carpet cleaner, pet shampoo, baby bath solution, spot remover, grease remover; the possibilities are endless. It is very concentrated; only 1 tablespoon is needed for 3.5 L of water.

As far as cleaning cloths and rags are concerned, many tend to harbour bacteria and disintegrate after use. JEUNIQUE’s MIFI (microfibre) cleaning cloths are made from 100% polyester and polyamide, making them durable and resistant to wear-and-tear. They are good for many machine washings. The extra-thin fibres attract more dust and surface dirt, resulting in cleaner air for a healthier home and workplace. All you need is water and they clean up beautifully! Great for asthma and allergies. See the difference. Their uses are limited only by your imagination!

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