The Rules To The Game of Life That Were Never Given To You

The Rules To The Game of Life That Were Never Given To You

You are on this planet to experience abundance,The Rules To The Game of Life That Were Never Given To You Articles happiness, joy and optimum health. However, most people have been given the wrong information throughout their lives. Based on this wrong programming, they create disease, drama, limitation, and stress in their lives. Life is really easy and optimum health is your divine right. Things only change in your life when you choose to be responsible for yourself. If you have lack of health then assume responsibility for it and you will see great things happen. If your job isn’t pleasing, then look to change that. Become your own boss. Start your own home based business. I can recommend some things. Contact me for further details!

There is a difference between knowing something and doing something. You may know how to eat healthier. You may know how to supplement your diet and a lot of other great things, however, until you embody what you know and live it then things are not going to change. Whatever your life issue…you may be depressed, chronically sick, stressed out, bored…whatever is going on. You are responsible and only you have the magic key to resolve your issue.

You see, whatever life issue you have…the solution is right there in the middle of it. If you are sick then your healing is right there at the root of your illness. It has to be, otherwise you could not have your illness in the first place. You see, GOD will only send your way life circumstances that you can resolve. If you did not have the right core ingredients to resolve your issue then you simply would not have it. God doesn’t work that way. Also, your life circumstances are really blessings in disguise. All challenges in life are there to help you go higher in consciousness and evolve your being. That is why we are here…to learn and grow.

We only grow when we are being challenged. This is where your true spiritual growth occurs. I will take myself for an example. Had I not gone through my illness and my healing then I probably wouldn’t be writing this book for you to benefit from. Every adversity is an opportunity for exponential growth. Life is not meant to be cruised through. No one gets to have it easy.

However, your growth in consciousness will help you to live a more joyful and healthy life. Let go of all the old stuff that you are holding onto. You know what I am talking about. Let go and forgive everyone. You do not have to be right all the time. It doesn’t matter that someone hurt you. You only perceived it that they hurt you. That was an opportunity for you be a better person by not allowing someone else to hurt you.

You see, many people are addicted to creating drama, poor health, and limitation. They have been programmed this way since birth. You must de-program yourself if you want to live a healthier and happier life. You must install new beliefs and programs about health, abundance, and harmony. The funny thing is…it is only a matter of choice! You must choose to go higher in consciousness. You must choose to heal yourself from illness. You must choose to create better relationships. You must choose to be someone who is happy and healthy all the time. Most people are chasing happiness and wealth and all this stuff.

If you are trying to find happiness and peace and joy and harmony…I have some news for you…you will never find it! It is impossible to find these anywhere. You want to know why? You want to know why so many people are sick, depressed, unhappy and stressed out? Because happiness, health, joy, peace and harmony are things that you can only BE. If you want happiness then just vibrate happiness. How do you do that? You do that by CHOOSING to BE someone who is happy. You want to be healthy? Then you must CHOOSE to BE someone who is healthy. It is all about a state if BEING! So, the question is…who are you BEING?

Make Your Destiny, Don’t Let Destiny Make You!

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