The composite facts about Rabbit Meat


1 Cholesterol level in rabbit meat is much lower than chicken,
turkey, beef, pork. (Alabama A & M University 1989)

2 Rabbit is lower in % of fat than chicken, turkey, beef, and pork.
(U S D A circular # 549)

3 Unsaturated fatty acids is 63% of total fatty acids. ( Dr Reo)

4 Rabbit is highest in protein%. (U S D A circular # 549)

5 The office of home economics, state relations of the U S
Department of Agriculture has made extensive test and have stated
that domestic rabbit meat is the most nutritious meat known to man.

6 Rabbit meat is seasonal any month of the year and is especially
recommended during the hot summer months, as it does not contain the
heating properties of most all other meats.

7 Rabbit meat has been used and is suitable for special diets, such
as those for heart disease patients, diets for the aged, low sodium
diets, weight reduction diets, ect. ( Rabbit production Cheek Patton
Templeton) Of course this is between you and your doctor. We do not
make any recommendations of this type because we are not qualified.

8 Rabbit has 795 calories per pound. Chicken 810, Veal 840, Turkey
1190, Lamb 1420, Beef 1440, Pork 2050. ( U S D A circular # 549 )

9 A doe rabbit that weighs 10 pounds can produce 320 pounds of meat
in a year. !!! WOW !!!. This is more than a cow and it takes 2 acres
of land to raise a cow.

10 Rabbits will produce 6 pounds of meat on the same feed and water
as a cow will produce 1 pound of meat on the same feed and water.

11 Baby rabbits feed of mothers milk so rich that they can double
their weight in 6 short days as compared to a pig at 14 days, calves
47 days, and humans 160 days.

12 Our rabbits are fed a special blend of 40% alfalfa hay and 60%
grain( oats, wheat, barley, sougram, soybean, ect ) that is made
into a pelleted feed.

13 Rabbits are raised up off the ground and is one of the cleanest

14 Rabbits are among the most productive of domestic livestock.

15 It was decreed by law in the Roman Empire that all young maidens
be fed rabbit meat because it would make them more beautiful and
more willing.

16 The first recorded rabbitry husbandry was in early Roman times,
Where rabbits were kept in walled rabbit gardens for food. This
saved waste over bigger animals because the rabbit was all eaten.
there was no refrigeration.

17 Sailing vessels distributed rabbits on islands in various sea
lanes to be used as a source of food by sailors.

18 In 1859 a single pair of rabbits was released in Victoria,
Australia, and in 30 years gave rise to an estimated 20 million

19 As the worlds human population grows there will be less land to
raise food. The rabbit will play a more increasing role in this

20 Rabbits lend themselves to both small and large scale production.

21 France is the world’s largest producer and consumer of rabbit
meat. In Hungary there are rabbitries with over 10,000 does
producing rabbits for export to Italy.

22 Rabbit meat is all white meat.

23 Rabbit was the number 1 Export item of Red China.

24 Rabbit meat compares very favorably to veal at half the price.

25 Our rabbits are not just a rabbit. They are a special breed
developed over 15 years of selective breeding by computer. They have
more meat and less bone.

26 The combination of the best sanitation and special hand
processing technics gives us a much longer fresh shelf life than our

27 Rabbits are known to be used for meat as far back as 1500BC

28.Some people use the heat from the rabbit’s ears to heat green

29. Taken from the Domestic Rabbit magazine from the early 1990’s
rabbit manure

has the following percentages of dry material.

2.20% Nitrogen

.87% Phosphorus

2.30% Potassium

.36% Sulfur
1.26% Calcim
.40% Magnesium

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