The Best Time to Quit Smoking Is Now

The Best Time to Quit Smoking Is Now

I am compelled to write this article to remind people of the dangers of smoking.

Cigarette smoking is known to cause lung cancer and is also linked to bladder,The Best Time to Quit Smoking Is Now Articles larynx and esophageal cancers, as well as heart disease.

Smoking is not glamorous as the billboards and magazine ads depict.
Smoking is not cool; it is the very opposite and so very harmful to your health.
You are playing Russian roulette with your life if you continue to smoke.

The chemicals that you inhale with every single puff of your cigarette are doing your organs damage especially to your lungs and heart.

If you do not smoke, be smart and don’t start as it could cost you your life.

Don’t allow peer pressure by your friends to start smoking. They may be able to stop the habit very easily but you may not be so lucky and stay addicted to the smoking habit for the rest of your shorten life. Yes smoking will shorten your life span.

I repeat DO NOT START as you could end up being one of the many unfortunate thousands who finds it impossible to give up the smoking habit.

Smoking is so addictive that some people are chained to their smoking habit, and it doesn’t matter how hard they try or what method they try, they find it virtually impossible to kick the habit even though they inwardly know that their smoking habit is slowly killing them.

The tobacco companies are to blame for their dilemma as they add chemicals so that smokers will stay addicted to their cancer sticks. Yes cigarettes are cancer sticks. They cause cancer to the majority of long term smokers.

I see the affects first hand of how smoking has damaged people’s health.
You only need to visit a hospital or hospice to witness the misery of smoking related illnesses.

Quit now before it is too late. Do you want to end up in a hospice with terminal cancer caused by your smoking?

Giving up smoking is not easy, I know that from first hand experience, but overcoming the short term withdrawal pains is well worth it for the long term health gains that you will benefit from.

Each hour, each day, each week, each month you must continually remind yourself of the benefits of staying smoke free and the dire consequences of starting up again.

Be bloody minded about it and accept the short term pain so that you can enjoy the long term health benefits of being smoke free. You will feel better for not smoking!

There is good news in that your body immediately starts to repair itself once you stop, so I urge you to think about giving up smoking now before your smoking habit does too much damage. It’s not too late but the longer you leave it the greater your chances are of damaging your health permanently.

Your biggest asset is your health. Money can buy cigarettes but it cannot buy you good health especially when you are sick from smoking related illnesses, so don’t be a fool and continue to smoke. NOW is the best time to QUIT smoking.

Do it for your health’s sake. Don’t put it off as it may soon be too late and then you will regret it. If you cannot quit ‘cold turkey’ then seek help from within your community starting with your local GP. Good luck and best of health to you and your loved ones.

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