That Golden Submarine of Health

That Golden Submarine of Health

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” Thomas Jefferson


Today you can improve your health by being the captain of a submarine.

When we feel an emotion,That Golden Submarine of Health Articles every single cell in our body feels it, too. Our stomach cells, our skin cells, our bone cells. We do “feel it in our bones.”

Writing back in 1950, Dr. Rebecca Beard explained the relationship of feelings and cells using the example of a submarine. Her idea was a good one. Let’s see how this might work . . .

Imagine that you are the captain of your submarine. Your cells are the men who take his orders. The captain of the submarine is the only one who can look through the periscope and see the world above the ocean. The men cannot see for themselves and must take the captain at his word about the conditions of the world he sees.

And the men in the submarine obey orders without question.


One day, you, the captain wake up and take a look through your periscope. You report to the men bad weather and icebergs and poor visibility and enemy ships approaching. How do you think the men feel? And how do you think they work?

Another day, you wake up, go to the periscope and report back beautiful weather and crystal clear visibility, and no icebergs or enemy ships to be seen. The men go to their work with joy and vigor. Maybe they whistle while they work — or even sing.

“I wish we could all take a vacation from negation.” Rebecca Beard

What kind of day do you communicate to your cells? Remember they feel all your emotions. If you are gloomy, glum, bored, angry, fearful (or any of the emotions of the gray variety), your cells will not go to work with joy and vigor. Maybe your stomach cells will not digest very well. Perhaps your head cells will hurt as a headache.

If you are happy, upbeat, grateful, laughing, exhilarated (in short, feeling the emotions of the golden variety), your cells will function in tip-top fashion. They will be efficient and robust. Joy-filled. Vigorous. Healthy.

No doubt about it; our emotions affect our bodies. Better watch how we are feeling so our cells can sing the song of blooming, radiant, zestful health.

And Today . . .

Put your periscope up today and look around. What do you see? Bad weather and enemy ships? A long list of things you must do that you don’t enjoy? Surly people?

Or great weather and peaceful waters? A day ahead filled with things you enjoy? Fun and fulfilled people?

If the view from your periscope is gloomy, you will report that to your cells. Time to go into “act as if” mode. Lots of research has shown that if you act the way you want to be, pretty soon you will be that way.

So act as if you are feeling the golden emotions all day today and, after a while, you will. Your cells will thank you for it. You are the captain of your attitude and your health; take command now.

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