Ten Quick Tips to Save the Planet and Your Health

Ten Quick Tips to Save the Planet and Your Health

Many of the common everyday chemicals in your home can contribute to not only harming the environment, but your health as well. Symptoms such as headaches, gastrointestinal disturbances, anxiety, depression, nervousness, fatigue, irritability, inability to concentrate, hyperactivity, joint and muscle pain and many more can be the result of these chemicals.

Make every day Earth Day! Protect the environment and your health by making the following changes in your lifestyle.

1. Eat organic. Pesticides, herbicides, etc. poison the soil, water, air and your body. They are linked to contributing to serious health problems including cancer, depression and central nervous system disorders.

2. Use non-toxic and natural household cleaning products. Most everyday cleaning products are very harmful to your health. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemon and vinegar are great alternatives and can be used for just about anything.

3. Wear only natural clothing fibers and organic clothes if possible. Synthetic fibers and non-organics are treated with high levels of formaldehyde and even petroleum. About $3 Billion is spent on pesticides for cotton fields each year worldwide, with over 600,000 tons of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on the US cotton fields alone.

4. Throw away your perfume and cologne. They contain chemicals contributing to asthma, central nervous disorders, immune dysfunction and a variety of other health problems.

5. Use natural unscented laundry soap and fabric softener. They also contain chemicals contributing to asthma, central nervous disorders, immune dysfunction etc.

6. Use non-toxic alternatives for pest control. Pesticides are poison; designed originally for chemical warfare because they are so effective for poisoning. As mentioned above they are linked to a variety of serious health problems including cancer, immune suppression and central nervous disorders.

7. Don’t use air fresheners. Just like cologne and laundry products they contain chemicals that contribute to immune dysfunction and central nervous disorders.

8. Don’t get new carpet. New carpet is high in formaldehyde, benzene and a variety of other chemicals that can really destroy your health. Hardwood and ceramic tile are good healthy alternatives.

9. Use non-toxic and all natural personal health care products. Shampoos, make up, body soap, deodorant, feminine napkins, tampons etc. usually contain many of the same harmful chemicals mentioned above in colognes and laundry.

10. Don’t use bleach or chlorinated household products such as paper towels, toilet paper, coffee filters etc. Scientific studies have linked chlorine and chlorination by-products to cancer of the bladder, liver, rectum and colon, as well as heart disease, artheroscelrosis, anemia, high blood pressure and allergic reactions. Bleach alternatives and unbleached products can be found at your local health food store.

**And don’t forget to recycle to help save resources and reduce space in landfills and buy recycled products as often as possible to encourage recycling.

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