Sweet Story of Healing


In a time not too long ago, there lived a little girl named Lindsey. (Real story.)

She was born on the pale side of health and never seemed to get better. At six she was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.

Then began the scramble to save her life. Heavy doses of insulin. Seventeen different drugs.

But nothing worked. Gradually her listless body began to shut down. First the bladder. Then the kidneys. Then the liver.

Her mother, in a frantic effort to buy time, wanted to donate a kidney. But the doctors refused. It was too late. The damage too great.

Lindsey went home to die.

But then someone suggested giving her sugar. At first, Lindsey’s mother was horrified. But then she became convinced enough to add eight simple sugars to her daughter’s diet.

Nothing happened…at first. It took time. But then improvement began to shine from behind Lindsey’s wasted face.

Gradually, her organs started functioning again. The prescription drugs were dropped. Her insulin requirements were cut in half.

Today, Lindsey is an energetic young girl of 12. Loves sports. And is trying out for cheerleading.

Did the simple sugars heal her?

No. Simple sugars have no healing power of their own. Yet recent Nobel Prize winning discoveries in medicine confirmed that they are essential for the functioning of human cells. And it is the cells that perform the healing. Not only do they heal but, as in Lindsey’s case, the damage caused by the disease is often reversed.

Is diabetes the only disease affected by these simple sugars?

No. There are thousands of testimonials from people with life debilitating and life threatening diseases that have been helped. Cancer…MS…Fibromyalgia…arthritis…and that’s just the beginning of a long list.

So why haven’t I heard about this?

The science of these simple sugars is relatively new. Plus the sugars are classified as ‘food’ which tends to place them below the radar of most doctors.

So how do I find out about this science and these simple sugars?

Check out the web site listed at the bottom of this article. It will provide a more detailed non-technical explanation of the science. More technical material can be found at www.glycoscience.com.

This science will eventually become standard medical treatment. But until then, many people will suffer and even die because of the lack of knowledge. Don’t be one of them.

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