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Before anyone can get to my hypnotherapy practice for a stop smoking session, I need to make sure of one thing. This thing can make or break the success of the hypnosis session. Without it that person is highly likely to fail.

The most important aspect that someone needs to have before visiting a hypnotherapist for a stop smoking session is his or her ‘decision’. What I mean is, they must have decided for themselves that they really do want to stop smoking. If they are booking a hypnosis session because the wife, husband, mother, father, partner etc has persuaded them that they should stop smoking then they are likely to falter at some point in time.

A great example of this is if the girlfriend smokes but has now stopped because the boyfriend does not like them smoking. The girlfriend successfully stops smoking and everything seems fine. Then the two of them go through a bad patch as all relationships can do at times. They decide to split up and the girlfriend goes back to smoking almost immediately.

Why you might ask did she do that? Well, it is because the reason for her stopping smoking is no longer there. She has split from her boyfriend and she only stopped in the first place because of him.

So a smoker who wants to kick the habit needs to do so for his/her own reasons and not because of persuasion or pressure from someone else.

If you are thinking it is about time you stopped smoking, write a list of the reasons you want to stop. The next stop smoking article will help you with this.

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