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Does you wheelchair enable you to reach for things? Or is it hard to control? Let go of that traditional wheelchair. It’s obsolete and it can even cause you injuries. How would you like to have a wheelchair that will allow you to get your things without difficulty?

LifeStand Compact or LSC is a new generation full electric stand-up wheelchair. Its fully motorized chair offers power assistance that allows you to move from a seated position to a standing position. This is electronically controlled by the power assisted unit that is designed into its frame. Whether you are standing or seated, it will enable you drive and move freely. It uses two independent sets of electronics to perform these functions.

LifeStand Compact with its E-fix Power Driver provides mobility. To regenerate energy back into the battery every time the brake is used, a high efficient quick-release wheel hub drive was installed. However, it only provides for a very small battery pack.

It has a control unit that controls all of the Compact’s electronics. This control unit has an LCD display which enables you to program easily. Also, you can pre-select speed rate and battery level. It does not require any external programmer. You can explore your own comfort level even if you are driving.

It comes with a remote swing away joystick so you can easily access to tables, desks and countertops. The joystick can be mounted on either side of the chair, so you do not have to worry if you are left handed or right handed. It can even be mounted on the back of the chair. You don’t really need to put it there unless someone maneuvers the wheelchair for you.

LifeStand Compact has centralized functions for moving and standing with reclinable backrest and speed control. The angle of the armrest is constant so you will always be comfortable even if you change the backrest slant. This is essential for tray table use. The contoured tibia support has a pad that’s anti decubitus.

For excellent stability, the chassis was designed in a U form. You can use a 2- or 4- battery set. You can maneuver the hand control that is fixed on a swing away. It has variable range anti-tip wheels to clear obstacles when you’re seated and will prevent you from tipping over in upright mode. You can also recline the backrest electronically. The central safety lock can be easily seen because of its red button.

Stand-up wheelchairs are very useful because it allows you to move freely, unlike other wheelchairs that limits your quality of life just because you cannot stand with it.

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