Sound Heals!

Sound Heals!

Music Medicine Soothes the Soul and the Body

Researchers throughout the world are reporting intriguing new
ways about how sound vibration heals the body,Sound Heals! Articles mind, spirit and
the environment. The words people choose to speak and the music
people listen to have profound power to decrease pain, draw
people out of emotional and mental isolation and even clear
polluted water. And scientists are discovering that certain deep
space sounds are amazingly similar to the sounds of dolphins,
Tibetan bowls and human choirs.

Why Is this Important to You?

Because you can use music, song, vibration and words to
dramatically affect your own health and the well-being of other
people. The impact, potential and mystery of the healing power
of sound is demonstrated in the following heart-warming true

Wake Up and Dance, Little Suzy

Do you remember the movie “Awakenings?” Based on a true story,
the film features the work of neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks with
Parkinson’s disease patients. Many of these patients whose
bodies had been immobile for decades from the effects of
Parkinson’s began groovin’ to the sounds of music. Patients who
had not left their wheelchairs for years, got up and began
dancing to certain types of music.

After the success of these patients, Sacks, teamed up with the
music director from the Institute for Physical and Neurologic
Function and has been using music as therapy with miraculous
results. According to the music director, patients who can’t
walk “bound out of their chairs and start dancing as long as the
music is present. For people who have motor problems, music acts
as a catalyst.”

Potent Prayer Power

When a Buddhist priest prayed for an hour over the polluted
water in a lake behind a dam in Japan, the crystalline structure
of the water changed from malformed and distorted to one of
immense beauty and power. The lake was transformed into a
healthy source of pure water. A distinctly visible aura appeared
around the water crystals in photographs.

Autistic Man “Flew the Coop”

A music therapy instructor from Yale University tells a
breakthrough story about Jerry, a 26-year-old man who wouldn’t
speak, whose mental age was between 2 and 8 and who threw
extremely self-destructive tantrums. Jerry was so transformed by
music therapy that he was able to free himself from his “
autistic mold” and create a way to support himself in the world.
What’d he do?

Pairing up with a graphic designer, Jerry launches a profitable
greeting card company. Jerry writes many of the messages and
helps design the cards. Aptly, they name the company “Flew the

Trippy Space Sounds

What do the sounds of dolphins, human choirs and Tibetan bowls*
have in common? The sounds they make are uncannily similar to
tones found in outer space.

While examining the recordings of spacecrafts Voyager I and II
at the California Institute for Human Science, scientists
discover that sounds produced by the rings of Uranus are
virtually identical to those produced by Tibetan bowls. Sounds
emitted by the planet Jupiter strongly compare to the high-
pitched cries of dolphins. And sounds from the smallest moon of
Uranus resemble vocal choirs.

Researchers believe that this similarity is no coincidence. The
cosmic vibrations of dolphins, bowls and choirs are currently
being used to stimulate alignment and healing at the cellular

“Tibetan bowls” are used in The Dream Workshops to assist people
to relax plus the bowl’s vibration gently helps “break up” old
patterns of behavior that are no longer useful or healthy.

Rockabye Baby

Hospitals report that newborns who are sung or spoken to on a
regular basis go home 3-5 days earlier and weigh more than
babies who aren’t exposed to specific periods of adult speech or
song. 50% of women who listen to music during childbirth don’t
need anesthesia.

We are only hearing the first few bars in the symphony of
healing that awaits humanity as we open to the dynamic
harmonious effects of sound.

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