Soothing a Baby with Colic


Since Colic is not an illness or a virus, you can not visit your baby’s physician and get a prescription to cure the problem. But, there are many things to try to ease the screaming and crying brought on by colic.

Here are some suggestions:

Cuddle up your infant close to your body and rock, sing, or hum.

Walk around the room, with your baby close to your body. Bounce as you walk.

Take your infant outside.

Rub your baby’s abdomen and stomach area.

Take them for a car ride.

Give them a tepid bath and massage their tummy.

Lay your infant on a warm hot water bottle on their tummy.

Lay your infant across your lap, close to your knees and bounce them slowly up and down while rubbing their lower back and gently patting their back.

Burp them in different positions. Try holding your infant in an upright sitting position on your lap. Support their head by holding their chin in your hand and gently pat their back and rub up from the small part of their back toward their neck with your other hand.

Turn on the clothes dryer and make a comfortable padding. Lay your baby on the dryer and stay close by in case your little one decides to roll around.

You can even try turning on the radio and find different radio stations. Some types of music that is soothing to one infant may not be to another.

Vacuum your house while holding your baby close to you.

Purchase a baby sling and carrying your little one close while you are doing your daily chores.

Give them a pacifier and try different types of soothing sounds in a tape recorder such as ocean waves.

With the suggestions above and some patience, you can get through the tough times that Colic can bring.

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